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Christmas markets and winter events in Florence

What's on in Florence for Christmastime?
Markets, ice skating rink in Florence (at Parterre), classic concerts in the churches, luminous decorations in the streets, the huge tree in Piazza Repubblica...

Weihnachtsmarkt, Heidelberg's Christmas Market
In Piazza Santa Croce (Santa Croce Square) the Weihnachtsmarkt, the Christmas Market of Heidelberg: the classic market with small wooden stands offering wonderful, traditional German goods, food and treats, but there are also many other stands of typical products from all over Northern Europe. The Heidelberg market will finish on the 16th of December. Later in December still in Piazza Santa Croce, a more typical Italian Christmas Market will take over, (despite a very English fish and chips stand). And in Piazza Santa Croce many interesting and funny initiatives for children will take place in “La Casetta delle Storie” (=“The Little House of Tales”) starting from 4 P.M. (free admittance).

Florence Noel
The Stazione Leopolda will house the annual Florence Noel market, open from November 29th through December 8th from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday and on Monday, December 8th. Food, crafts and gifts of predominantly Tuscan origins will fill the merchants’ displays, but the main attraction is sure to be a visit to the house of Santa Claus. Tickets cost 7 euro.

Xmas markets around Florence
The markets are another initiative for the little neighbourhood town of Bagno a Ripoli (10 minutes drive from Florence), and the initiative of “A Tutto Natale” (=“All of Chritsmas”) with a special edition of the weekly market on December 21st called “A Christmas with You”.
December: Piazza Umberto I, Calcit Market (charity market in which all should partake)
January 6: The March of the Magi Kings in the Piazza Tegolaia, for italian celebration of "befana".
December: Christmas Market (charity market)
Bagno a Ripoli
December, the 21. From 10am until 7pm: “Natale con i Tuoi” = “Christmas with the ones you love;” beginning at 11 am: a market with the stands of the local Charitable Associations; at the end of the night, via Roma (the main street) will be alive with simple toys which adapt to intelligence for the big and the small; live music; Santa Clause will cheer up the festival with his pony and small gifts at 3pm. The Festival of the Nativity with a living Christmas scene in the piazza in Via delle Arti and 5pm. There will be a prize given to the 3best letters to Santa Clause at 5:30 pm, and there will also be a prize given to the most beautiful shop window; a parade will take place.

On December don't miss Ponte Vecchio Golf Challenge played from the ancient bridge onto greens on the Arno.
And very soon on this blog Florence new year's eve events, so you can decide how to spend new year's party in Florence.
See the post of last year: Florence noel and Xmas markets in Florence

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