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Mediterranean massage at Urban Spa in Florence

Following a very stressful moment, I decided to try for a relaxing massage at Fonbliu’.
This urban spa is in Porta Romana, one of the nicest areas of Florence surrounded by the gentle hills of Florence. This small urban spa is one of the gifts that Florence, sometimes, offers to its inhabitants.
The environment is a very calm, clean, essential one. The girls who work there are extremely kind and they have a sort of relaxing attitude: “good for them”, I thought!
Once you enter they offer you a soft and perfumed white bath robe with a pair of flip flop: you enter in the cloakroom and then you exit beside the swimming pool forgetting about the chaos and the traffic just a few steps away from you.
I chose a massage called: Light of Morocco, a relaxing massage that helps untied tension not only physical but also emotional ones. This massage evokes the manual gestures done in the hammam and more than using argan oil (antioxidant) enriched with a patchouli fragrance, the girl used a mhakka: a little terracotta disc that activate circulation and it works as a peeling as well.

Now, I don’t know if she was good, if I needed to relax, if it was the terracotta disc, but I felt particular sensations: I was in peace with the whole world! My legs, my entire body was in complete relax when I left the spa and next time I think I will try the so called Nausica treatments, a special soft bed where you will be surrounded by steam, vaporized water, essentials oils, and at the end they offer you a massage as well…to try!
Last two things to say: men are going to have massage as well as women (I asked it for curiosity) and if you are lodged at Villa la Vedetta a splendid 5 stars hotel at Piazzale Michelangelo, they have a shuttle bus for the spa.

Fonbliù, Urban spa Piazzale di Porta Romana 10r
Tel. +39 055 23 35 385
Email: info@fonbliu.com

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