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100 little paper boats on the Arno river

A very particular event takes place in Florence tomorrow, Thursday, October 2nd at 5.00pm.
The artist Nicoletta Boris‘s one hundreds little paper boats will float on the Arno river between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte alla Carraia.
The Florentine performer will free the boats, one meter long and she will let them go along the river flow. The shape of the boats is very simple as she used the technique of the traditional folding of the paper. Then as soon as they arrive at Ponte alla Carraia they will be taken, let them dry and displayed for a charity auction.
The used paper is 100% biodegradable and plasticised with corn starch (mater-Bi). This material is given by the sponsor of the show, the Italian consortium for the recycling of paper and paper boxes.


She Pink said...

Cool -that sounds awesome wish I could be there to see it.
By the way, I am visiting Florence for the first time Oct 23rd, any pointers on what to pack?
How cold does it get?
Will I need gloves and scarfs?! >_< I was hoping to pack light!

p.s Love ur blog very interesting..

Nelli said...

It's a little bit cold, maybe you can enjoy a scarf but I don't think you will need gloves.

It can be warm during the day.
You can have just a jacket.

It depends.. where are you from.. :-)
some people coming from the north of Europe think here is not cold and walk with summer shoes!

Italian girls use leather boots ;-)

thanks for the compliments,

she pink said...

I am from australia and i am used to a 16 degree winter...so..i am thinking i should rug up!

thanks for the advice i really appreciate it ^_^

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