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Happy New Year from Florence, Italy!

I love to take the chance of this New Year’s Eve to wish you all the best for the upcoming year and for your lives!


Snowboard in Florence?

It's possibile it it snow 30cm!! Enjoy this video shot in the center of Florence, after the big snow fall of the 17th of December...

Snowboarding in Firenze. Epic. from Fernando Biagioni on Vimeo.


Places to spend new year's eve, 2010 in Florence

Here are some ideas for New Year's Eve in Florence Italy 2011:
You can celebrate new years eve in florence in different ways.

New year party 2011 firenze

New years eve 2011 at Palazzo Gaddi: gala dinner and party with disco all night long. The palace is in the center of Florence. Parking is available in the close parking of San Lorenzo. Here is the menu and prices>>

What other entertainment is available during New Year's Eve?

Here are some events in Florence for new year 2011
- Celebrate on the Streets of Florence and enjoy free live music. There will be 4 concerts in 4 squares of Florence: Santissima Annunziata square, Repubblica square, Piazza della Signoria and the main train station of Florence: Santa Maria Novella. Choose the kind of music you prefer: Jazz, Classic, Rock.. and enjoy!
As midnight approaches, make your west along via Calzaiuoli and reach Piazza della Signoria to toast all together.
- Skate on the ice rink until midnight.

For italians celebrating the New Year in the streets is a classic way to spend New Year's Eve. The streets and squares of Firenze are filled with many people singing and drinking!

If you prefer a comfortable dinner and quiet atmosphere...
Florence dinner gala locations:
- Alle Murate restaurant - gala dinner in a elegant and luxury restaurant
- Osteria del caffe italiano - typical tuscan food for a special gala dinner (only 95 €).


New Year'eve at luxury restaurant in Florence Alle Murate

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Florence with a special dinner in one of most elegant restaurant of Florence: Alle Murate.

Here is the menu for the 31st of December:

Sicilian red prawns tartare
ginger, lime and parsley sauce. Crispy celeriac

White Zolfini soup with scallops
and pistachio powder from Bronte

Hand made tortelli filled with burrata cheese and cuttlefish ragout
turnip sauce and sepia waffle

Orange salad
with pastry wafer and Nubia red garlic mild sauce

Roast beef with white truffle
broccoli puree and hand made paprika bread

Pears with saffron stuffed with chocolate mousse
sweet wine with anise and cinnamon

Coffee and petits fours
for info>>


Celebrate Thanksgiving day at Four Season hotel in Florence

Thursday November 25th: Thanksgiving at Four Season luxury hotel you can have a special meal at the lounge bar. Kids under 5 years don't pay. You can order only 1 dish if you want or the entire menu.

Steamed Chianina “magatello” with artichoke salad and parmesan flakes
Warm scallops with creamed chestnuts laced with Piedmont hazelnut oil
Truffled codfish ravioli with pumpkin brunoise flavored with butter and sage, Cinta Senese ham
Traditional turkey filled with herbs, cranberry sauce and sweet glazed potatoes
Pumpkin bavarese with macaroons and crispy pumpkin seeds

Coffee and friandises

4 Courses 85 € per person
5 Courses 95 € per person

For information and reservations
Ristorante Il Palagio 055 2626450


Florence Wine Event 2010

The 4th edition of the Florence Wine Event will take place in the prestigious setting of Cortile dell’Ammannati Palazzo Pitti on Friday 19th from 16,00 to 21,00, on Saturday 20th from 11,00 to 21,00 and on Sunday 21st from 11,00 to 20,00.
The Florence Wine Event is a fantastic occasion for the enological world as well as an event promoting the Florentine Oltrarno.

There will be over 100 wineries predominantly coming from Tuscany, which means that a visitor will be able to choose among 250 different types of wine.
All the wineries involved represent the excellence in the wine world, so that you will be able to taste Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di MOntepulciano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Morellino di Scansano and a wide range of Chiantis both from the Classico and from the Colli Fiorentini and Rufina districts. There will also be many Supertuscans by celebrated wineries as well as many natural and biological wines.
The producers themselves will present their wines and it will be possible to talk with them about the quality and the procedures of their work.
Moreover there will be several estates from the North-East of Italy (Friuli and Veneto) featuring white wines, sparkling wines and other enological products.
Qualified sommeliers will initiate people to Grappa, this made by the participating wineries, a fascinating discovery of another Italian product.
The Florence Wine Event is a great festival where you will be able to taste an extraordinary selection of Italian wines in a unique setting.
To join in the sampling you will only have to buy the 10 euro Sampling Kit at the entrance of Palazzo Pitti.. This includes a glass, a small shoulder bag, the catalogue and a drink card valid for 12 samples.
The Florence Wine Event offers not merely an extraordinary opportunity of tasting. In fact it gives you the chance to experience this charming and still very traditional district of Florence with its tangled narrow streets departing from Palazzo Pitti towards San Frediano and boasting a great variety of restaurants and clubs, craft and antique shops as well as fashionable and vintage clothing boutiques.

There will be also several Extraevents offering selected enogastronomical occasions, all of them taking place in the Oltrarno area, in the neighbourhood of Palazzo Pitti.
All these events will feature a combination of wine and food inspired by Tuscan tradition in which the local hosts will propose special menus matching the wines. Last but not least there will be some handicraft exhibitions emphasizing the skill and work of the Oltrarno artisans. Videos and films about wine in its past and present connections will also accompany the events.

Cortile dell’Ammannati Palazzo Pitti
19, 20 and 21 November 2010
The complete calendar of the events can be seen at www.florencewinevent.com


New Year's Eve in Florence: romantic dinner for two

This is one of the most fancy romantic restaurants in Florence, Italy.
Alle Murate is located in a historic 14th-century palace close to Ponte Vecchio, with roman underground and Dante Alighieri frescoes, italian restaurant Alle Murate.

New Year's Eve in Florence 2011

Dinner of 31st December 2010

  • Welcome appetizer
  •  Sicilian red prawns tartare ginger, lime and parsley sauce. Crispy celeriac 
  • White Zolfini soup with scallops and pistachio powder from Bronte (Sicily)
  • Hand made tortelli filled with burrata cheese and cuttlefish ragout turnip sauce and sepia waffle
  •  Orange salad with pastry wafer and Nubia red garlic mild sauce 
  • Roast beef with white truffle broccoli puree and hand made paprika bread 
  • Pears with saffron stuffed with chocolate mousse sweet wine with anise and cinnamon

Coffee and petits fours

180 euro per person
(a spumante bottle included)
make a reservation: silvia@allemurate.it


Frank Doorhof workshop in Florence

Frank invites all levels to join in on the seminar and workshop, as you’ll find yourself walking away with newfound knowledge in the following areas, location work, metering, light shaping, lighting tools, white balance, photoshop retouching and web display. This isn't one of those stuffy seminar/workshops where someone walks in, explains things quickly, without interuption, walks out the door and that's it..

November 13th (max 50 seats) Florence
The theory behind the workshops :
"To see the light is to understand the light, but to understand the light you have to see the light"

This is an intense seminar which will start with the very basics of how light works. Don't be fooled however with this description. In the years I've taught workshops I found out that most photographers are very aware of how to measure lights and setup their preference. However I also found out that very few really understand what they are doing, thus limiting themselves in being really creative with their light.

In this 2 hour seminar we start out simple by explaining the different ways light behaves and you will learn to "read" images and understand what light sources were used to create an image but most of all where they were positioned. But that's just the first 10 minutes. After that the level will increase considerably. There is a lot of attention given to understanding how you can manipulate but most of all measure light to make the scene exactly as you have envisioned it. Meaning you will learn to read and understand your lightmeter. You will learn how to use reflective metering to calculate the perfect white and black background and how to fit the whole scene within the dynamic range of your camera. After that there is a section about understanding color and how to manipulate them. Always wanted to know how to make the skies nice and saturated without using photoshop. Learn how to manipulate those colors on the spot and in camera. Always wanted to know how to make beautiful golden hour light falling through a window, or magenta skies without the use of selections in photoshop. You will learn to understand how it works in this section.

You will also learn how to work with colorcheckers, coloranalyzers and most of all how to calibrate your lightmeter so that it works flawless on your camera. After the theory there will be a part where several images are shown using the techniques learned in the previous part accompanied by explanations about the setups. After the seminar there is room for discussions and a personal touch. The whole seminar is not about tricks, you can learn that everywhere online.This seminar is about understanding how the system works and really knowing how to use it in your own photography. The seminar is not for beginners or pros only, every photographer should find something in here that is more than worth the admittance fee.

November 14th (max 15 students) exotic location in Tuscany
Putting it all into practice "Why fake it when you can create it"

Learn how to make a stunning location look even better or use the studio to the max. In this workshop you will be taught how you can use the theory from the seminar on location and in the studio. Learn how to use just enough flash to make a stunning atmospheric fashion shot as you see in so many magazines. See how to shoot it in camera without having to "paint with light" afterwards.

Frank Doorhof is an experienced fashion and glamour photographer with a broad experience in both studio and location. His workshops are highly regarded in both the Netherlands as abroad.
His work can be seen in several publications and for example on CD's/DVD's and posters from the world famous pianist Wibi Soerjadi since 2004. 


Best new year party in Florence, Italy

If you are looking for New year's dinners in Florence or where to celebrate New Year 2011 here is the place for you: Palazzo Gaddi! In the heart of Florence, close to Michelangelo's David and Pontevecchio, the coolest party in a historic palace.
  • From 8.30 pm, gala dinner served by waiters at the table, in the elegant halls of the historic Florentine building, including candles, well served tables and romance.
  •  At midnight: countdown and toast with sparkling wine to celebrate the New Year together.
  • After midnight dance all night long with DJ and live music.
Open bar until closing! unlimited drinks. Drink as much as you can...


Art exhibition in Florence

Friday 1 October 2010 opening of "Fragments of silence".
"Fragments of silence" will be music, played by piano by Lorenzo Pinto who has conceived, written and recorded, but will also photograph in the exhibition themes of Francesca Mondani and Marco Mantovani. The event starts at 7.30 pm and there will be a small buffet.
Galleria Civico 69/art cafè
Via Ghibellina 69/r
50122 Firenze


Exhibition reception party

Come and join us for the exhibition reception party this Saturday!
Exhibition reception party: Saturday, September 11th at 5pm

You will not only see Giovanni Mazzi’s works, but also meet the artist in person and spend nice time together, drinking Chianti in the beautiful tuscan landscape in the villa not far from the Center of Florence

Giovannni Mazzi is the respected florentine artist specializing in etching, he uses figurative way of expression. He is interested in philosophy and metaphysics. The main topics of his art are universal condition of human being, individual's position in modern society and endless pursuitness of happiness in life.
Giovanni was born with the affection to art. When he was 7 years old, he copied the greatest masters and later started developing his own style. He attended courses in comics and illustrations at the International School of Comics, studied free nude ( la scuola libera del nudo ) at Academy of Fine Arts and also he graduated graphic art at Academy of Florence.
In 2003 Giovanni founded with musician group called Il caffè degli zeri, where he experimented with different forms of expressions, combining paintings and graphic works with music.
In 2008 the artist founded a group called “le maleerbe” , which did plenty of installations and exhibitions.
Giovanni's mission as an artist is to have a dialog with people and definately he manages to move. The artist impacts viewers by making them forget for the moment about their perspective and contemplate about the relation of good and bad side of man's soul. As the result people ask questions, express their concerns and compare them with Giovanni's and in this way the chain of communication emerges between the artist and the viewers through the Art. And this is Giovanni Mazzi's mission and sense of doing what he is doing.
Stylistically his paintings and graphics are very much affected by the symbolism of ancient and contemporary philosophy, which suit the best in expression of concerns of the artist, which belong to the problems and concerns of the contemporary people.
He says "the art must be inconvenient, the art is ethic" .

Giovanni Mazzi has had many exhibitions in various cities in Italy between 2001 and 2010, among them 'Faust' and 'I fantasmi di Scano Boa' in caffè Giubbe Rosse in 2009 (in colaboration with other italian artists) in Florence. Presently he is working on the organization of the big exposition in New York, willing to show his works also to the global audience. He promises to show there some of his projects that is working on right now. One of them is a creation inspired by the the ancient story of Orfeo and Eurydica.

In Scandicci, there are works presented from last two years of this young and talented artist. It is an opportunity to meet Giovanni Mazzi in person and after seeing his paintings talk to him and ask him questions that he is so happy to get from people, and last but not least spend nice time drinking Chianti in the beautiful tuscan landscape in the villa not far from the Center of Florence.

Adress: Via di Rinaldi 8
50018 Rinaldi Scandicci
(10 km from Florence)


Summer Fair in Lastra a Signa

Summer fair in Lastra a Signa, not far from Florence: 4 days of events and meeting occasions. The places are the old town, the new piazza Garibaldi, the River Park and on the 29th of august the area of "corea" and the stadium with the spectacular musical fireworks.

During these four days Lastra a Signa will present exhibitions, poetical, theatral and musical shows, the ancient tradeworks and the fireworks. The River Park will host for two days the traditional Horses and animals' fair and a new horses' exhibitions, like it used once.
How not mention the pictures' exhibition in the Spedale di Sant'Antonio - which will then be held in Tokyo - of the great photographer Massimo Listri?
This year's program presents two news: on Thursday 26th august the opening of piazza Garibaldi with a live concert of Banda Improvvisa, attended by the major and the authorities; on Friday 27th august "Bread and Theatre": the old town will become a big stage with performances that will have as a leading theme the Popular Tuscan Tradition.
The evening will offer the possibility of dining in the small lanes or in the place at discounted prices, attending the shows or performances taking place.


July wine festival in Florence

The week between July 21st and July 23rd is an extremely interesting one for wine lovers. Theretwo wine festivals in two of the most beautiful estates of Florence.
The first one is in the garden of Villa Bardini (Costa San Giorgio 6a) in Florence which starts on July 21st and ends on the 23rd. There will be more than 40 selected wine producers that will “offer” to taste something like 150 different labels: red, white, rosé wines. While you taste different wines you can listen to various cultural talk-shows in different points of the garden. With only one ticket you can taste as much wine as you want and participate in the show. These are only few of the wine producers present in the wine fair: Alepa, Coltibuono, tenute Folonari, il Borro and many others. The fair starts at 5,30pm until 10pm. The ticket costs euro 15,00

Information at :
mail: vinoingiardino@moba.fi.it
tel: 055 – 2008 444 - 055 289020
cell: 366 – 3171834

The second one is called “Mid night summer wine” and it takes place on July 22nd at San Paolo della Croce, at Impruneta. You can taste fabulous wine but listen to good music as well such as jazz or classical myths such as Giuseppe Verdi.
The wine producers are la Montina Franciacorta, Agricoltori del georgrafico, Zonin, cantina Pievevecchia and others. The tasting will have an important sommelier as host, Andrea Gori, vice- European sommelier champion, recently cited on the New York Times.
The wine fairs starts at 7,30pm


Elba Island: hotel and turquoise sea

Elba Island is the biggest island in Tuscany: you can get there by car or by train from Florence, it takes only 2 hours to get to the Ferry Boat that will bring you on the other side in 45 minutes.
The island offers both sandy and rocky beaches and a turquoise sea.
This hotel in Lacona is the ideal location for a relaxing holiday at the seaside in connection with sport and nature. The hotel is located in the middle of a beautiful park, just a stone’s throw from the long sandy beach of Lacona. The hotel features pleasantly furnished bedrooms, many of them recently refurbished, spacious common areas, a 25-meter swimming pool with hydromassage zone and 2 tennis courts. Guests have the possibility to practice different sports such as sailing, snorkeling and underwater diving, windsurf, tennis and cycling. The hotel is also the ideal resort for families, the Mini Club for children is provided and activities are held in the playground within the park and on the beach, where your children will enjoy days of fun.
At Hotel Lacona you can have lots of fun and sport in complete safety for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.

Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter perfoming in Florence!

Don’t let the demure face fool you. When judging Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jacqueline Becker by her cover, key in instead on that mass of black hair cascading down in an unmanageable frenzy as the best physical allegory of just what this girl’s voice is capable of, because in her case, big hair certainly means big voice. A music degree from Yale and a lifetime of study no doubt form the foundation for her talent, but when Becker sings, it’s easy to forget about the more formal elements of composition in the absolute rush of emotion her music inspires. Perfect pitch, astounding range, and sheer vocal muscle have all combined on what can only be described as an epic scale to lend her voice its uniquely thrilling factor; couple that with her carefully-crafted songs that boast the soul-plucking rhythms of the best kind of jazz, and clever lyrics that impressively succeed at echoing both the spunk and the emotional capacity of their writers, and you’ve got an artist that effortlessly walks the fine line between being a throwback to a better era and someone refreshing and original in her own right. She has the surging power of an Alicia Keyes and the delicate restraint of a Norah Jones, a deft navigation of the balance between might and tenderness.

Acoustic guitar, violin, bass, and various percussion with an incredibly clean and natural voice.
Following the release of her new album, the Los Angeles singer -together with her band from California- will make Florence the base of her Italian tour. Original songs coming from jazz, eclectic pop rhytms and a soul personality with a California flair.
Check her beautiful melodies on her Myspace page!
Jacqueline will be at the Soccer Stadium Franchi (Estate Viola) on July 6th, at Teatro del Sale on July 7th and at the Limonaia di Villa Strozzi on the 13th of July.
See below for all dates and venues of her shows:

* LUGLIO 2010 * JULY 2010 * LUGLIO 2010 * JULY 2010 *
4 Sunday S.Vincenzo, Livorno - Fronte del Porto
[8.00pm & 11.30pm - Piazza del Porto, 2 - rooftop terrace - website]
5 Monday Follonica, Grosseto - Congo Bar
[10.00pm - via Spiaggia di Levante, 17 - beach stage - website]
6 Tuesday Florence - Lady radio showcase & interview
[daytime, broadcasting on Lady Radio and RDF Radio - website]
6 Tuesday Florence - "Franchi" Soccer Stadium / Estate Viola
[10.30pm - Viale M.Fanti / Curva Ferrovia - concert after World Cup semi-final - website]
7 Wednesday Florence - Teatro del Sale
[dinner starting at 7.15pm - Via de' Macci, 111r - acustic show - website]
8 Thursday Rome - Rock City Festival
[opening act Roberto Billi - via Lemonia, Parco degli Acquedotti/Cinecittà - website]
9 Friday Rome - Conte Staccio
[12pm - via Monte Testaccio 65b - website]
10 Saturday Riotorto, Livorno - Nano Verde
[6pm - Parco della Sterpaia, Riotorto - beach stage - website]
11 Sunday *album release private party*
12 Monday La spezia - Loggia dei banchi
[7.00pm - via Mazzolani, 32 - website]
13 Tuesday Florence - ControRadio Interview & showcase
[5.40pm broadcasting on Contro Radio - website]
13 Tuesday Florence - Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
[10pm - Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77 /@ Polimoda - website]
14 Wednesday London - The Troubadour
[8.15pm - 263-265 Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 9JA - website]
15 Thursday London - Icarus Club
[8.15pm - The Station Hotel: 14 Staplehurst Rd, Hither Green, London SE13 5NB - website]

16 Friday London - Cavendish Arms
[8.00pm - 128 Hartington Rd, SW8 2HJ- website]
17 Saturday London - Club333
[8.15pm - 333 Old Street, Shoreditch, UK EC1V 9LE - website]


Visit Palazzo Vecchio after dinner!

For the whole month of June you can visit Palazzo Vecchio, the main family museum in Florence, until midnight. There are guided tours in italian, english and french:
4 June
5 June
7 June
11 June
14 June
18 June
19 June
21 June
25 June
26 June
28 June


Pitti Immagine uomo: summer edition 2010

Design Watching will be the theme of this summer edition of Pitti Fashion Fair: the world of fashion will be making a curious – and indiscreet – foray into the world of design through the ideas and visual-acoustic-verbal notes gathered by a platoon of “design watchers”, the spearhead of Pitti People, the international community of the Pitti Uomo buyers, journalists and opinion leaders,. They will choose, between tradition and contemporaneity, their preferred design object and will be coordinated by Cristina Morozzi. The settings, designed by Patricia Urquiola will create an ideal continuity between the outdoor and indoor areas of the fair, and will offer a new concept for the lounge areas and special refreshment-food points. It’s just one more and new proof of a clear calling and the across-the-board nature of Pitti Immagine events that are the ideal venue for launching new projects and presenting special previews in the most important areas of contemporary fashion, lifestyle and design. Among the design watchers at this edition: Roberta Valentini from Penelope, Giusi Ferré, Max Kibardin, Jorge Koch, Stefano Roncato, La Pina.

New ideas and special projects
Pitti Immagine Uomo is the world’s most important men’s fashion fair selected by the top international firms to launch their collections and global strategies worldwide at the start of the season. The special projects featured at the Fortezza da Basso include:

_ the new era of C.P. Company presented in world premiere in Florence;
_ an important return to Pitti Uomo, and specifically G-Star Raw a cult brand in contemporary jeanswear that will present the Raw Essentials collection;
_ the exclusive presentation of the new project Made in the USA by Levi’s® Vintage Clothing;
_ the launch of the new collection by Roberto Menichetti for Brema;
_ the debut of the international cult brand GCW;
_ the new special project by Brembo;
_ a new look from the historic English brand, Daks;
_ the international debut of Seventy Pulse, a new project by Seventy;
See Pitti fair winter edition>>


Florentine May: a programme of evening activies

On May 2010 the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Monumental Apartments is open until midnight everyday, except for Thursday afternoons. In that occasion, the Museo dei Ragazzi offers to the public the possibility to discover some unusual sights of the Palazzo, that was built at the end of 13th century to house the Priors of the Guilds and the Gonfalonier of Justice, the city government during the Middle Age, and was turned into duke Cosimo’s Court during the 16th century.

Visit to the Secret Passages:
There are places in Palazzo Vecchio where time seems suspended and where it is easy for today’s visitors to relive the emotions of the past. Since 2000 the Museum has made many of these special places accessible to the public but they can only be visited by small groups accompanied by an expert guide:
The Stairway of the Duke of Athens – an escape route built inside the thick walls of the Palazzo between 1342 and 1343 that exits from a tiny door in Via della Ninna.
The Tesoretto di Cosimo I and the Studiolo di Francesco I, located one on top of the other next to the Salone dei Cinquecento.
The Trusses of the ceiling of the Salone dei Cinquecento, double rows of Vasarian trusses holding up the roof in the Salone dei Cinquecento and the imposing gilded lacunar ceiling of this hall.
When and timetable: on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m.
For info: tel. +39 055 2768224 / 055 2768558


Florence, best destination in the world for Tripadvisor

We are very proud to read that for Tripadvisor readers Florence, Italy, is the best cultural destination in the world... It's a winner also in "food and wine" and "romance". See here the page>>


Free iphone application for Uffizi Gallery

From April, the 12th, for 2 weeks it is possible to download the free iphone application for Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. Available in english and italian language. On itunes store>>


Culture week 2010: free entrance to all museums in Italy!

From today, the 16th of April, until the 25th of April, in Italy there's the week of culture ("settimana della cultura") wanted by Italian Culture Ministry: you can visit monuments and museums without paying! For info see on Mibac website.


Original sound movie in Florence, april 2010

Here are the original soundtrack movies at Odeon, close to Piazza Repubblica, in the center of Florence. Special rates for students.

Thursday 8
CHLOE with Italian Subtitles (USA – 96’) byAtom Egoyan with Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson
SHOWS 3.45 - 8.15 p.m.

Monday 12
CHLOE with Italian Subtitles (USA – 96’) by Atom Egoyan with Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson
SHOWS 4.30 – 6.30 – 8.30 – 10.30 p.m.

Tuesday 13
THE BOOK OF ELI (USA – 117’) by Albert & Allen Hughes with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman
SHOWS 3.45 – 6.00 – 8.15 – 10.30 p.m.

Thursday 15
THE BOOK OF ELI (USA – 117’)by Albert & Allen Hughes with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman
SHOWS 3.45 – 6.00 – 8.15 – 10.30 p.m.

Monday 19
SHUTTER ISLAND with Italian Subtitles (USA – 138’) by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo.
I have seen it! Spectacular! Di Caprio plays a great role. A movie directed in the best noir tradition.
SHOWS 3.00 – 5.30 – 8.00 – 10.30 p.m.

Tuesday 20
ALICE IN WONDERLAND (USA - ) by Tim Burton with Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp
It's strange... enjoyable but not humorous.
SHOWS 3.00 – 5.30 – 8.00 – 10.30 p.m.

Monday 26
CRAZY HEART (USA – 112’) by Scott Cooper with Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal
SHOWS 4.00 – 6.10 – 8.20 – 10.30 p.m.

Tuesday 27
THE GHOST WRITER (USA, Germany -128’ ) by Roman Polanski with Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan
SHOWS 3.30 – 5.50 – 8.10 – 10.30 p.m.

see what's on in Florence in April>>


What's on in Florence, Italy in April 2010

These are some of the April events in Florence and surroundings:

The first event will take place in the magnificent park of the Villa Caruso in Lastra a Signa (Florence) from April 3rd to April 5th. which hosts deGustibus and the Flowers fairs: you can chose to drink a glass of wine, buy or admire flowers or simply buy a book. Instead on Sunday I would like to inform a very nice lecture made by Giovanni Santarpia of the restaurant Palazzo Pretorio di San Donato in Poggio (Tavarnelle Val di Pesa where he will teach a lesson about the making of the pizza. Don’t miss it!

On April Sunday 4th it is Easter and in Florence you can admire in the cathedral square the famous the fire cart, instead for Pasquetta on Monday, in Greve in Chianti there is a picturesque antique market.

During the whole month of April the Oblate library (they have a splendid view on the Brunelleschi Dome) they organize three meetings about Mexican cuisine: two lessons and one dinner. The dinner will be on April 17th with Guacamole, Mole negro de Oaxaca, Tortillas, Tamal de milpa e much more. Then two lessons on April 12th and 19th from 7pm to 10pm where participants can make and taste their plates.

From April 16th to April 25th there will be again the “Week of culture” where state museums, archeological areas, archives, libraries there will be free.

From April 16th and April 18th in the garden of Corsini Palace in Florence there will be the annual vintage auction for the Calcutta children. In the green houses of the garden there will be a lot of different vintage clothing of the most important talents of fashion from the past and present: Dior, Balenciaga, Hermes, Gucci…the fair is open from 12pm

Sunday April 18th: visit to the Vasarian Corridor with an excellent guide. The tour lasts 2 hours and comprehends a part of the Uffizi gallery. FOR info and booking: elisacuoreviola@hotmail.com

From April 25th to May 2nd don’t miss the flower fair at the Giardino dell’Orticultura in Florence. Free entrance from 9am to 7pm.

In the same days, from April 24th to may 2nd at the Fortezza da basso there is ART, art and craft fair . it opens at 10am until 11pm. Price € 3,00 during the week, wek end at € 5,00.


Florence in April, 2010

The first weekend of April is Easter. The biggest event in Florence is the burst of the Carriage: on Sunday, the 4th. It'a a florentine tradition to remark the ending of the winter. Free admission.

Once again from the 25th of April to the 2nd of May there will be the beautiful fair of Flowers in the Giardino dell'Orticoltura: "Mostra mercato dei Fiori". A free market where you can buy flowers, plants or just have a look around. Admire the ancient steel and glass pavilion built in 1800 for the great exhibition, and the huge dragon fountain that reminds me the spanish style of Gaudì.
Read the post of 2007 edition of Flower market>>.

At Oblate public library (very close to the Duomo) in April there will be special mexican tasting and dinners. On the 17th of April a special mexican dinner>>


Taste, the exhibition for those who love food

Last weekend I have been to the Leopolda Station where Taste, the exhibition about food, was held: 3 days of tasting, food design, stores, kitchen accessories and more...
As the year before the event was successful, with many people coming from all the parts of Italy. I liked a lot the decorations by Riccardo Barthel, a famous florentine house of interiors. I was astonished with the press area featuring a dining room: a large oval wooden table lit up by a chandelier in cast iron with fabric lampshades and several nice prints representing scenes from the italian countryside.
I loved the exhibition of food & kitchen design, items of clothing as well as technical and professional tools for cooking and catering.
Unfortunately I couldn't go to the showroom in via de' Serragli where some events about Fuoriditaste were taking place: the food market, the Cipriani Day and the aperitifs with the italian winemakers Cantine Lunae Bosoni.
I visited also the stands of several food and drink producers: I enjoyed the Cannonau wine from Sardinia, the coffee 7gr, the Torta Pistocchi (chocolate cake), the gluten free biscuits...


Irish festival in Florence

Wednesday 17th, and Thursday the 18th of March we renew our annual celebration with "IRLANDA IN FESTA": two intense evenings of concerts, dancing, games, traditional tasting dishes, exhibitions and performances. Among the performers, which by now have conquered Fiorentine hearts, there will be: the nu-folk of LUNASA from Dublin, one of the most appreciated Irish bands in the world; the Whisky Trail reunion, with the originai 70's line-up; the world music of Antoni O' Breskey; the unmistakable bagpipes of Massimo Giuntini, and the English fiddler Chris Hamblin.
To begin ....BEER, Wednesday 17th, ST. PATRICK'S DAY. In Florence, as in the rest of the world, we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland who, as the Irish themselves like to remember, had Italian ancestry. A perfect frame for the Celtic atmosphere of WHISKY TRAIL (9 p.m.). The Fiorentine band celebrates its 35th year and is stili performing on stages throughout Europe. Along with Giulia Lorimer, Vieri Bugli, Stefano Corsi, Massimo Giuntini and Pietro Sabatini there will be three other musicians from the 1975 line-up: Antonio Breschi, Daniel Craighead, Piero Bubbico. Another great guest will be English fiddler Chris Hamblin who played with Whisky Trail at the end of 70's. Their 35th anniversary is being celebrated also with the release of their CD "Beginnings", released by Saschall.
On Thursday 18, again at 9 p.m., the festiva I begins with the folk of ANTONI O'BRESKEY, a composer, a pianist and eclectic musician, but above ali a real pioneer of world-music: 25 CDs released, an infinite number of collaborations and partnerships such as Gabin Dabirè, Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners and Josè Seves of Inti IlIimani. Artistically born in Florence, but by now a citizen of the world, in 2005 he received a tribute from the National Concert Hall of Dublin for his large contribution given to the Irish culture. His return to Saschall together with Consuelo Nerea will be a mix of voice, fiddle, bodhran, with special guest Massimo Giuntini playing the bagpipes and f1ute.
The grand finale (10.30 p.m.) is ali LUNASA, one of the most famous bands of the past years, champions of nu-folk that renewed the traditional sound of with their own energy. It's not by chance that many members of the band had previous partnerships with Waterboys and Sharon Shannon. Stars of the Celtic Connections in 2010, LUNASA shared the stage with Natalie Merchant, guest in their next awaited CD. Folk Roots magazine defined them "The Irish Music Dream Team".
Both evenings of "IRLANDA IN FESTA" (on Wednesday 17, at 8 p.m. in the little room of Saschall, and on Thursday 18, at the same hour on the main stage) will be opened by a Tuscan band, THE HIDDEN NOTE: fiddles, whistles, harp, bagpipes, guitar and bodhran, an ensemble which represents most of the instruments of the Irish tradition.
Beyond this, from 7.30 p.m., there will be a small market of artisan crafts, clothes, records, books, and Celtic jewellery. And we are not without food stands where you can try typical dishes such as "Colcannon", "Turnip and bacon soup" , "Dublin coddle", "Irish stew" and other wonderful flavours. And of course we can't forget the awesome ....beer!
"Irlanda in Festa" is organised with the support of Florence Municipality and the Irish Embassy.

xv edition - March, 17-182010 - Saschall=- Firenze - info 055.6504112

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th, March
St. Patrick's Day on the Arno
15 years o( ''Irlanda in Festa"
/ 17/18 marzo 2010 - Saschall- Lungarno A. Moro - Firenze
Entrance 'rom 7:30 p.m. - Pel'formances begin at 8p.m.
As in the past 15 years, the Saschall Theatre of Florence once again immerses itself in the atmosphere, the music, the dances and flavours of Ireland.


Vintage selection

From today until next Sunday at Leopolda Station there's Vintage selection, one of the main fashion fair dedicated to vintage clothes and accessories. Entrance: 5 euros.


Talking about museums and libraries in Florence

Last friday I was attending to a conference dealing with the "hot" theme of museums, archives, libraries... how to conserve them, how to promote them, how to use social networks for making people participate and be committed.
Here you can find a list of interesting web sites of some good examples of using "web 2.0" for this purpose.
Here you can find the live blogging of the event in english thanks to Alexandra Korey.


Pitti men fashion fair: a big kiss from Florence, Italy!

In these days Florence is showing its best... thanks to Pitti Immagine Uomo 77th edition in the whole city there are events, shows, openings, parties everywhere. The city is crowdy with glam and stylish people... it seems to be somewhere else, as New York or London!
I took this picture outside the stand of Fornarina, at Fortezza da Basso, inside the fashion fair, just few minutes before the fashion show took place.
Pitti Immagine Uomo is the biggest fashion fair for man clothing in Italy: 765 exhibitors, 22672 buyers, 59.000 square meters of stands, 936 fashion brands...

More info>>


Winter sales in Florence!

This weekend I'll go downtown in Florence for some shopping. From the 7th of January in the stores of Firenze there are the wintersales.
I think I need a pair of high heels shoes, I have heard that in all RomanoFirenze shoe shops the whole fall/winter collection is up for a bargain price.
If you are interested too hurry up, the stock is limited and Florence has a lot of shoelovers, so come by as soon as possible!
And from next tuesday all the shopping and fashion addicted will be amazed from the Pitti Uomo Fashion Fair, the biggest event in Italy regarding man clothes.


Pitti fashion fair for men

Next week in Florence there will be the main fashion trade in Italy: Pitti Immagine Uomo 77. From the 12th to the 15th of January the city will be transformed by this fashion event. More info on the official website>>

“What’s Fashion About?” is the new tribute to the international community of buyers and visitors attending the fair, as well as the leitmotif of this edition, based on words, concepts and gossip related to the world of fashion. An installation with a huge banner in the Fortezza da Basso forecourt will display the words, ideas and suggestions proffered by some of the lead players at Pitti Uomo - with additional interventions in the newlayout for the Main Pavilion.

In January Pitti Uomo will unveil a new layout that symbolizes the changes taking place in the world of fashion. The Main Pavilion, the event’s core that showcases some of the most important brands in classic-contemporary looks, will be totally revolutionized by Patricia Urquiola, the Spanish designer who recently completed some of the most successful set designs in the world. An important part of the new layout will be the POP UP STORES – three areas on the Lower Level dedicated to a selection of lifestyle accessories: from bags to jewels, from eyewear to watches, from cosmetics to books and pocket technologies.

Book your lodging in Florence: a brand new B&B near the train station "Campo di Marte".

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