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Festival of creativity – Anticipation

In two weeks Florence will host the event of the year, “the Creativity Festival”. The dates are from October 23rd to October 26th. Even if the event is close, we don’t know anything about the project rather than the themes and some slogans (vision, journeys and discoveries).
I received, however, a press release from a network composed by artists, designers and creative people who propose performance with an environment subject.

Do it yourself: a funny and entertainment not only for adults but for children too. They will distribute one hundreds of whales in a A4 paper format where everyone can color giving the impression of a real school of whales, all done in hemp paper from an Italian factory, ECOLABEL http://whaleless.blogspot.com

Less clear is BREATHE
Breathe is and object that transports oxygen and it is a portable respirator connected to a glass sphere containing water and water plants; inside they developed the chlorophyll photosynthesis. http://artforartshake.com

I am a little bit skeptics on this: iFshines
This is an interactive installation done with water, sounds and lights. A map face done with micro cells of water crossed with lights and sounds that comes from a tube where people can blow in it making the installation moved, than an off screen voice pronounces these words: WHAT IF WATER IS ME, IF YOU ARE WATER WHAT AM I. It is a little bit complicated maybe once seen becomes more understandable.

A nice thing to see and easier to understand is the little plants inside some unusual places such as: plastic bags, a trumpet case, a magician hat all by Leone Cantini.

The entrance is free. Fortezza da basso from October 23-26
Thursday, from 3pm to 3am.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 10 am to 3am

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