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Summer Fair in Lastra a Signa

Summer fair in Lastra a Signa, not far from Florence: 4 days of events and meeting occasions. The places are the old town, the new piazza Garibaldi, the River Park and on the 29th of august the area of "corea" and the stadium with the spectacular musical fireworks.

During these four days Lastra a Signa will present exhibitions, poetical, theatral and musical shows, the ancient tradeworks and the fireworks. The River Park will host for two days the traditional Horses and animals' fair and a new horses' exhibitions, like it used once.
How not mention the pictures' exhibition in the Spedale di Sant'Antonio - which will then be held in Tokyo - of the great photographer Massimo Listri?
This year's program presents two news: on Thursday 26th august the opening of piazza Garibaldi with a live concert of Banda Improvvisa, attended by the major and the authorities; on Friday 27th august "Bread and Theatre": the old town will become a big stage with performances that will have as a leading theme the Popular Tuscan Tradition.
The evening will offer the possibility of dining in the small lanes or in the place at discounted prices, attending the shows or performances taking place.

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