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ICE SKATING in Florence, Italy


It is approaching Christmas time and Florence rediscovers the magic of skating on the ice rink at the Parterre Square of Liberty. Enjoy a classic night of ice skating at the facility in the city, which from 1996 until now, has seen the first structure in the Piazza Santa Croce and then at Parterre, with a growing success each year.

The Florence rink, consisting of a 20x30 track, is capable of accommodating 200 skaters at a time and is kept cooled by a large generator which can keep the temperature at a constant -10 °. Colored lights and background music offer a touch of atmosphere to attract and welcome even the youngest skaters. The ice skating rink will be available to rent shoes at the set price of to 6 euros (4 euros for those who own skates) per time.
The rink will be open on the mornings between: 9am / 10am 10am/11am, 11.30am / 12.30pm; between the hours of the afternoons: 2pm/3pm 3:30pm / 4:30pm 5pm/6pm 6:30pm / 7:30pm; and during the evenings for a skate between: 9pm/10pm 10:30pm/11:30pm and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12am until 1am.

As usual for pupils and students in primary schools, middle and high in the morning time between 9am-10am, will be able to enjoy free skating (unless it is accompanied by their teachers). The area is easily reachable by bus shuttles to and from the Historical Center and has a great area of underground parking available.

On Christmas Day, the skating rink will be dedicated to the children, who will be able to enter the rink and be greeted by Santa Claus, and during the Epiphany.
As every year, on the night of Saint Sylvester, the ice skating rink will be a natural meeting point for many Florentines to drink and ring in the new year again.


Anonymous said...

From what dates is the rink open????

Nelli said...

The ice skating rink will be open also in 2008: from November, the 29th until January, the 11th.

Up to 200 skaters can enjoy this ice skating rink.

Opening hours:
9/10am 10,30/11am 12/13am;
2,30/2,30pm 4/5pm 5,30/6,30pm 6,30/7,30pm;
even in the evening 9/10 10,30/11,30;

On Christmas day kids will be welcomed by a Santa Claus
For "epifania" (on the 6th of January)
an old woman representing "la befana" will give sweets to kids.
On the New Year's eve many florentine gather here to cheer at the 2009.

Anonymous said...

What date does the rink open in 2009?

Anonymous said...

What time does the rink open on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays?

Anonymous said...

Is the rink covered?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When does the rink open in 2009?
Thank you!

Nelli said...

The rink is open! until January the 11.

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