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ECCOCI, the Tuscan tapas bar

cheap places to eatLast Friday I was at lunch with some friends and, as usual, I had to choose the place. Sigh!
I remember about, Joe, my hairdresser who once told me about this place in Piazza Ghiberti, near the Sant’Ambrogio market.
The interior of the restaurant is nice, modern and essential all in red and white. The peculiarity of this place is that you can have a sort of tapas but in Tuscan sauce: little miniature that costs few Euros (from € 2 on) and you can take them as appetizers or as a full dish. Of course, in their menu you can find complete dishes as well, such as meat, salad and pasta but always with an ethnic touch.
I had little miniature with mini-crostone with mushrooms and brie and a plate with meat and salad with a very strange name: picanha. They explained me that the meat is very similar of the T-bone Florentine steak, but with a different cut and above all without the bone. One of my friends had the same and he appreciated as well.
The others had a cacciucco, a typical livornese fish soup with an addition: fried anchovies and artichokes in miniature, as well!
The quality is in between the average quality that you can find in Florence even if I have to be honest: if you are going there for lunch the service is a little slow.
I know that on Thursday evening they have also the aperi-dinner.

Piazza Ghiberti, 5/R -
50122 Firenze - Tel. 055 2638223

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