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Events in Florence, October 2008

Few events in Florence and the immediate surroundings.
Thanks to the opening exhibition of the painter, Alessandro Ferraro, each Wednesday and Thursday the Osteria Melo will open interesting bottles of wine combining them with food. Thursday October 9th, Pinot blanc Kellerei Bozen, Chianti Rufina Montesodi 2004 and Goldenmuskateller (yellow Moscato form Trentino). Instead on Thursday October 16th, they will propose a combination with beer and typical Sicilian food, such as the famous arancini. For info: info@osteriadamelo.com

Then from Thursday October 9th at the circolo SMS in Rifredi, Via Vittorio Emanuele II 303, there will be the Thursdays of the café of the science: meetings, symposium about technology, science, medicine, DNA, cancer and other interesting and important subjects.

The lastly, I just want to mark thanks to one of my reader a very unique concert of Matthew Herbert, a talented jazz man that his music combine avant jazz and electronic music. Friday October 10th at 9pm at the Theatre pergola 30/32, Florence to listen to some of his music you can to his web site www.matthewHerbert.com/music.php

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