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You ask? I answer!

I've decided to answer to some of the questions you ask me.

Daily June and July temperatures in 2008 for Florence Italy?
In general it's about 25° C degrees in June (= 77 F) and a little more in July. It may happen to reach 30° C (= 86° Farenheit) at the end of June, but this year Summer seems to be very cold and wet! In general August is the hottest month in Italy.


stephanie said...

Hello, I hope you can help: I'm coming to Firenze for my birthday in September and I'm staying from Sunday morning to Monday night. I am worried that shops, galleries and bars & restaurants will be closed on those days. What do you think? Many thanks, Stephanie. X

Nelli said...

Hi Stephanie
many stores are closed on sundays and on monday morning, but in the touristic area you can find many stores that are open.

Some restaurants are closed on Sunday evening, some on Monday evening, but they never do it for 2 evenings in a week, so if you find a lovely place closed on Sunday, you can come back the day after.

I strongly recommend you the big brunch of Rifrullo's (only 20 euros) on Sundays.

Some museums are closed, you can check here. (Uffizi are closed on Monday, but they are open on Sundays).

I think you won't have many problems if you stay in the downtown area :)

if you need more info, please ask!

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