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Florence best icecream shop

I recently tasted too many ice creams and the reason is because of you, dear readers…
I am joking but our discussion on the best ice cream in Florence (196 comments!!!) made me try many places… yesterday night around 11pm a friend of mine asked me to accompany him for an ice cream to "Roberto", in via Mariti.
I haven’t been there but I remembered the discussion about the change of owner and the "Buontalenti taste" in this ice cream shop, so I tried. I tasted the "Buontalenti". It deserves its reputation!
While I was there I asked him about the change of the owner: I was very curious about it. He explained me that the old owner Roberto owned the gelateria then he passed it to the son who after few months decided to leave, then finally passed on Francesco, the actual owner, a huge man, very nice and kind who told me a lot about ice cream making.
In this ice cream shop you can taste something like 42 different tastes, from the most classical ones to the most original, like a very good dark chocolate taste to yogurt with soft fruits or the ice cream at the Tennents beer! And I also saw the buffalo mozzarella milk taste!
I finally chose my tastes: cream cheese with pears and orange cream. The second one was really tasteful.. the shop is open every day until midnight, but he highly discouraged me to go on a Sunday afternoon: too many people, he said.
After meeting him, the two boys from Calabria of the GELATAMO shop (Via Doni) and Maurizio Vivoli of the ice cream in via De’ Neri, I realized that there is an endless passion behind this job and it explains why certain ice creams are normal, some others are special.


Tatiana said...

Hi Nelli,
My name is Tatiana and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
My sister will be in Florence in August and I am madly looking for references on a ice cream store we’ve been to in 2002, very close to our hotel (Hotel Rex – Via Faenza, 6), and the only thing I know, besides tasting delicious, is that the owner was named Francesco.

Today I ran into your “Florence best icecream shop” and it looks and sounds sooooooo much like the place… is it??? Is it close to the hotel I mentioned? Do you happen to have its exact address?

I would love to hear back from you. And I thank you so much!!!


Nelli said...

Dear tatiana
the icecream shop is not the one you are looking for,
since I have never been to an ice cream in Via Faenza.
I'm asking to some friends if they know it.

if your sister is coming to Florence
please send her to GELATERIA DE NERI
is not near via Faenza
but I can say it is one of the best in Florence

it's close to Santa Croce
in via de' neri.

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