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Events in Florence, Italy, summer 2008

Florence is packed with places perfect for al fresco drinking, all along the banks of the Arno river (for exampe in this garden), out in the suburbs and hidden away amid the concrete in the centre of town.

events in summer 2008 florence italyThe roof garden of the Minerva hotel is the summertime attraction for the aperitivo on thursday evenings. Just 15 euros for a drink + a dinner along the swimming pool. Close to the main station of Florence: in Santa Maria Novella square.

Summer free music festivals give local bands the opportunity to play alongside more established names at Parco dell'Anconella, Gavinana live, Las Palmas or Sesto d'estate, let them entertain you with some good rock, classic and jazz music.

Weekend nights see DJs perking up clusters of young ones, office workers and locals at Piscina Le Pavoniere (=Pavoniere swimming pool), at Cascine park. A restaurant, a pizzeria and a jump in the pool if the temperature gets hot!
And tango nights every tuesday. On google maps>>

Get active in a new and fun way by skating your way around one of the most spectacular settings in Florence by night! The roller night will be in June (5, 19), July (3, 17) and is open to everyone and free. Starting from Pavoniere. After skating a dinner in a local pizzeria to meet new friends. For info: dodo.kess@libero.it

events in july in FlorenceForte Belvedere, (July 4-27) is the superb location that offers its patrons a view unrivalled anywhere in Florence. A small restaurant, a terrific terrace overlooking Florence, some jazz music and a soft green grass to lay on. On google maps>>

One of the most famous Summer Festival in Florence is "festa dell'Unità" that takes place in July at Fortezza da Basso. This year it changes its name and it becomes "In fortezza" (july 11-august 3). On Google maps>>
Fortezza will be the largest beer garden in Florence - big enough to accommodate 1000 people - and the main place where florentine people go to eat, to have a drink and to shop. Outdoor seating area, a theatre, 2 discoes and a bookstore.


Anonymous said...

are there any festivals or special evens in Florence on Monday, August 11? Thank you

Nelli said...

Hi :)

I'm searching through all the web sites I Know... but it seems very hard to find special events after the first week of August in Florence.

But don't be desperate! I will try to find something special to do in Florence in August!!

Rchprncss said...

As long as you're looking for something to do on the 11th, how about finding something the week of the 16-24th? Taking my first trip to Italy and trying to find festivals for Venice, Florence and Rome during that week and coming up with nada. Thanks for your help! :o)

Nelli said...

Ciao :)
in Florence all the Festival end with the beginning of August.

There's something at "San Salvi": theater and movies and local music.. but I don't think could be interesting for a foreigner (everithing is in italian)

Maybe you can find something on the tuscan coast (at Versiliana for example)

In Florence there are some places where MAYBE you can find some live music: golden view open bar (a restaurant near ponte vecchio), las palmas (in ghiberti square a little stage for dancing and music), le pavoniere (a swimming pool with lounge music), villa vogel (a garden with some music).

In Siena on the 16th of august there is the palio (very crowdy btu worthsome) and from 1 - 23 Festival Val d'Orcia. The area close to Siena is wonderful.

Nelli said...

here is a list of summer events in Tuscany

I would recommend also the events at Villa Demidoff park. A wonderful huge garden not far from Florence, once belonged to Medici family, is now the place for theater events, pic nic, tasting and much more.
here is the web site (sorry it's in italian).

Anonymous said...

I really want to go to Florence's outdoor movie theatre in the summer. I dont mind if its in Italian. Where is it held and is there a schedule of movies and times??

any info or links helps.

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