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The historic football of Florence named "Calcio storico fiorentino"

Yesterday was Saint John, the patron of Florence. In Florence we are used to celebrate this day in several ways: first, everything is closed. People don't go to work, only touristic stores are open.
During the day there are historic processions and canoa races in the Arno river.
At the end of the day, exciting fireworks are waited from everybody.
But this year there was something special more longed for: the return of "Calcio Storico", the florentine historic soccer played in medieval costumes.
The game is played in the Santa Croce square, where a temporary field is built and covered with sand. Several matches are held between 4 teams representing each quarter of Florence in June. The final match is held on the 24th of June. It's a rough game, where players keep running with the ball (the "caccia") trying to avoid smash, fists and collisions.
Every year someone gets hurt and is brought to Hospital...
In 2006 the game was becoming too violent and it was suspended. Finally, after 2 years, the Calcio storico has come back with different rules and new teams (younger players).
Yesterday the final match was between the red team (representing Piazza Santa Maria Novella) and the blue team (Piazza Santa Croce). The final score was: 9 "cacce" and a half to 4, in favour of red ones.

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somebirdsarelikethat said...

I got to see the match between Rossi and Verdi the Sunday before. Great fun!

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