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The cloud at Pitti Fair

When I was visiting the Pitti Fashion Fair I was captured by a peculiar sculpture... when I touched one of the 15,000 individually addressable fibers, I realised that they where sensors.

The cloud responds to human interaction and expresses context awareness using hundreds of sensors. Constructed of carbon glass, spanning over 4 meters, and containing more than 65 km of fiber optics, the Cloud encourages visitors to touch and interact with information in new ways, manifesting emotions and behavior through sound and a dichotomy of luminescence and darkness. Each fiber represents a pixel that can be touched, modified, or moved in a physical way.

Located in downtown Florence outside the Fortezza da Basso. the Cloud is part of the “Redesigning Fashion Trade Shows” project that Pitti Immagine launched with MIT Mobile Experience Lab in January 2007. It is a long-term project that will creatively rethink the trade show concept and will propose innovative technologies, perspectives and sensory experiences for fashion trade shows.

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