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Free concert of classical music

Next Tuesday, the 1st of July, enjoy a spectacular concert of beautiful classical music, performed by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra.
For the final concert Zubin Mehta will direct one of the most loved simphonies:
Ludwig van Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 Choral"
One of the best known works of the Romantic repertoire, and one of Beethoven's greatest masterpieces.

The concert will start at 9.30 pm in Piazza della Signoria.
Free entrance.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was very glad to find your blog. I will be in Florence on September29 until October 2 and wonder if there are any good concerts to hear during that time. Then only ones I find online seem to be for tourists, and I am a serious musician. Thank you for your help.

nelli said...

Hi, let me check what I can find it's on during those days.
I will answer you as soon as I can

ps where are you from?

ciao :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in California....sono impaziente di andare! (at least I hope that's right)

Nelli said...

your italian is perfect!

so.. you are not very lucky.
The concerts of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino start on the 9th of October

The concerts in the center of Florence at orsanmichele Church end on the 15th of September.

but on the site of Box Office I found that there is a concert by
on the 29th of september at
9:00 pm
Chiesa di Orsanmichele Firenze

I found also this concert the 1st of October, very close to Duomo and the station

I hope you will find some more when you come here, If I read about other concerts I will tell you here.

ciao :)

Anonymous said...

Grazie! Unfortunately that was about the extent of my Italian...being a singer, I was always able to pronounce, but rarely able to understand.

Thanks for your efforts, I think we're planning to hear the Florence Sinfonietta on the 1st of October. We'll keep an eye out for anything else that's interesting while we're there.

Last December we were in Vienna, a little disheartened that all the concerts seemed to be 'tourist' concerts, when I discovered a brochure in a church listing all the special Advent music being performed in all the churches. We had an AMAZING selection. So, hopefully we'll stumble across something similar while we're in Florence. Sometimes luck is more helpful than planning :)


Anonymous said...

We will be visiting Florence for a week beginning March 6 and we are interested in hearing some classical music. Do you know of any venues that have small chamber orchestras. Thank you,
Santa Rosa, California

Nelli said...

Ciao Diane
If I hear about some good places I will post here.
Thanks for your comment :)

Anne-Sophie said...

Dear Nelli,

I luckily stambled apon your blog and was wondering if you could help me find some interesting church concerts (or a way to find church concerts) in Florence for the end of March (28, 29, or 30).

My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary and are taking the 3kids to Florence where my Mom has always dreamt to go. I live in Canada, my bros and parents are in France.

Any tips would be helpful if you have the time,

Cheers, Anne-Sophie

Nelli said...

Dear Anne Sophie
If I hear something about church concerts I promise I will post them here!

greetings to your family


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