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Tuscan coast

It seems like summer does not want to come!
I planned the week end with some friends at ARGENTARIO, south of Tuscany, but the weather was not like we expected. Saturday was fine even if the sun was not very much a summer sun but we enjoy the wild nature of La Feniglia beach. Unfortunately, the beach was very dirty and it was so sad to see all the plastic bottles covered this beautiful beach but we breathed some good air and I highly recommend to rent a bike to stroll around this amazing natural park owned by the WWF.
For dinner we went to Guido in Magliano who confirmed to be an excellent restaurant with moderate prices (25 euros). We had tagliolini with truffles, homemade gnocchi with arugula and asparagus .
The following day the sky was covered with dark clouds so we went around Talamone, Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole… and only in the late afternoon the sun appeared. But the real disaster was on Monday when it rained cats and dogs. You can easily imagine our comments but at the end we decided for a cultural visit: Pitigliano e Sovana to see some Etruscans tombs. The Ildebranda Tomb is amazing but there is no inscription, not even a sign of explanation.
When we decided that we had enough of rain it was time for lunch and this is not a nice episode to tell. In a restaurant at the beginning of the village (La Tavernetta) we were treated very nastily. We wanted to sit down and eat something and we kindly asked if they had space (and they had!), but the lady, without even looking at us said “NO” and she walked away leaving us green of hanger.
We finally found and had a good soup in a bar in the little square but we remained very angry on how they treated us. In certain part of Tuscany they have yet to realized how important the service and courtesy is.
See on google maps where argentario is>>

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