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Le Murate, more than a restaurant...

Do you remember about Sabino’s review of the Murate restaurant some weeks ago? Well, I tried myself just two nights ago and Sabino was just right. That place is amazing and not only because of the food but because it is really killing two birds with one stone in the sense that it is not only a restaurant but also a museum; a very unique place in Florence.

This ancient building was, once, the palace of the art of the lawyers and the notaries, a very powerful corporation in Florence but when three years ago the owners of the restaurant bought the space, they removed the shelves of the previous shop and they discovered splendid ‘300 hundreds frescos among those Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio figures. And in fact they can proudly say that they have the “real” Dantes’s face.

In the restaurant basement there is also an archaeological area with an excavation of the Roman and pre-roman times with a mysterious group of wooden poles (pile-dwelling, old laundry?). They also provide clients with an audio guide in 7 different spoken languages just liken a museum. Then after having filling your spirit and mind with culture, you precede the journey into the culinary world.

The dinner is at the highest level: a delicate tasting of a revised and original Tuscan tradition. The caprese in carrozza, a juicy buffalo mozzarella, simple, good, delicate followed by a vegetable soup with ricotta cheese. I also tasted tortelli filled with robiola and arugula. The restaurant propose a very simple Tuscan and Italian tradition food but with a particular attention to the ingredients and presentation of the dishes. Then they brought crusted veal with oregano and tuna sauce. The veal was so delicate and soft that it was not necessary to add the sauce.
And last but not least the dessert: a tarte tatin with peaches and mint leaves with an English sauce. Devine!
Just few words about the wine: a Pinot Blanc Zuc di Volpe of the Friuli, a delicate and perfumed white wine.

Another excellent quality of the restaurant is the service. I admired the girl at the entrance of the restaurant who welcomed clients and let them seat in comfortable sofas while thy wait to be seated. Her smile and elegance and her perfect English accent gave the environment a very chic atmosphere.

here is the website: http://www.allemurate.it/home-eng.html

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