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Le murate, restaurant in Florence

Here we are with another review. Le Murate is in Via del Proconsolo and this is one of the most charming and best restaurant of Florence.
The restaurant is in the interior of a palace; the palace once owned by the Lawyer and Notary art of the ancient Florentine Republic; this a museum if we think about the numerous paintings on the ceilings and lunettes hanged on the walls. They can say, with pride, that on a mezzanine floor they found “The real Dante’s face” that they show the customers with the help of an audio guide.
We did not take any antipasti (appetizers) and we started with a Pasta Carbonara, revised with Colonnata lard cut in thin slides, very good. Then, we had tortelli with arugula and robiola, very tasty and delicate, too. As a second dish we had galletto (chicken) with ham and fig, delicious and a lamb leg, tasty as well.
Desserts are of a good quality like the menu: chocolate cake, meringue with lemon. All great wines are available.
The service is refined and punctual, the place is very beautiful and they have the great capability to mix modern with antique.
Prices are: tasting menu at € 90,00 (without wines), First dishes € 25, second € 35-40.

Alle murate – Gastronomia delle regioni
Palazzo dell’Arte dei Giudici e dei Notai
Via del Proconsolo 6/red – 50122 Firenze
Te. 055 240618

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