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Sagre and gastronomic events near Florence

What's on this weekend near Florence?
The little town of Ronta, next to Borgo San Lorenzo - in the Florence countryside - will host the Porcino Mushroom Festival (Sagra del fungo porcino) on August 30th and 31st, 2008. The most appreciated italian mushroom will be the centre of the festival: an entire menu based on the porcino with courses like the tortelli with mushrooms, the fiorentina steak with porcini, and so on... Opening hours: Saturdays only dinner (7.30 p.m.) - Sundays lunch (1 p.m.) and dinner (7.30 p.m.)
For further informations: Ph.: +39 055 8403386

Tortello festival in Scarperia
Within the Diotto Festival in Scarperia - in the Florence Province - on August 30th, 31st and on September 6th, 7th, 2008 will run the traditional Tortello Festival (Sagra del Tortello).
The Tortello Mugellano is a popular hand made type of pasta, comprised of a filling of ricotta cheese and various herbs, sealed between two layers of pasta dough. The Tortelli are commonly rectangular in shape and they are usually dressed with rag├╣ (meat gravy), mushroom or butter and sage.
For further information: Ph.: +39 055 8468165
Email: info@prolocoscarperia.com

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