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Da Burde, a historical trattoria

On Monday evening I had the pleasure to meet the guy from BURDE, a historical trattoria, a real one in the Florence outskirt. So, I decided to go and try their cuisine for lunch the following day.
This restaurant, as said, it is not in the centre of Florence and you don’t find many tourists but locals, people who go there to spend their lunch and relax with colleagues, but the atmosphere it is like it was years ago when it first opened.
It is perfect if you have a car because it is in via Pistoiese, in the north of Florence, not far from the Florence airport, it is just in front of the CONAD supermarket. The big sign cannot be missed!
As soon as you enter you are in the grocery store in the back there is the real trattoria with tables and chairs. It is decorated like the old Florentine trattorias: furniture’s found in and there, paintings hang on the wall and so on...
The menu is only Tuscan: soup, panzanella, ribollita , pappa con pomodoro and meat. Peposo, bollito, stracotto, and the mythical Florentine T-bone steak! Andrea the owner of the shop is not only a very nice person but he can help you to choose the right wine even because he is vice European sommelier champion. Nice food in a very simple environment, pleasant, not a tourist place at all.
This is the website: http://www.burde.it/

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