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PD fair in Florence

Do you remember InFortezza? The July/August summer kermesse at Fortezza da Basso? Well, practically speaking, is the same thing with a different name. Until last year was the Festa dell'Unità, a fair that takes place in Florence at this time of the year to "celebrate" the left italian party. Now that they have changed name is PD fair (democratic party).

Gastronomic stands, especially etnic food. I came back to ethnic restaurant Paladar to taste a fish with peanuts sauce.
After dinner I strolled around to see what has to offer. They changed place to the disco which is not behind the Fortress, they moved also the large bookshop in the Cavaniglia pavillion and removed the cinema to open the space to a unknown afro-portuguese artist...but I found a very interesting exbition made by the students of the comics school about reciclying. Folkloristic people, american girls all over. The festival is open until September 7th and there is also a series of concerts. Yestraday I saw L'Aura, a very talented italian singer.

Entrance is free. For some concerts you have to pay.

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