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Wedding in Tuscany

wedding near FlorenceThe day before my departure for Puglia I attended the wedding of a very close friend of mine, Claudia. She chose a very traditional italian wedding, in the church and afterwards a dinner with family and friends in a very stunning manor in the Valdarno area. The building was a very ancient castle where, it is believed, even Napoleon slept there!

The dinner with round tables were set in the courtyard around a faboulus well. Instead the newly weds were seated in a small table overlooking the others. It was a very romantic scene.
I was seated together with other girlfriends in the "fucsia table". Not very far from the courtyard there was an italian garden with a labyrinth where the photographer snapped some photos of the bride (the groom does not love this kind of things...).
My friend was really moved but also very radiant. After the dinner they danced together and the groom sang a love song for her.
While I am writing this post they are honeymooning somewhere in the Mediterranean. I would like to wish her all the luck, joy and happiness and I am wondering when will I get married? But I am also thinking about why so many people come to get married in Tuscany; it is so full of lovely places to tie the knot!

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