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Mercantia: festival in Certaldo

Yesterday evening I went with some friends to Certaldo, a medieval village few miles outside Florence. Every year, during the month of July, they have a festival called MERCANTIA, where people coming from all over Europe invade the medieval streets of Certaldo with dancing, light and fire games, music and theatre. It was the first time for me.
Certaldo is a very charming town and in this occasion it opens every single courtyard, door, palaces, gardens and it is very worthy to come here and spend sometimes but the festival itself didn’t make me crazy. Maybe it is not the kind of event I was expected. I thought more about a medieval festival but it is like "Pelago on the road" (another village outside Florence) with musicians, street artists, puppeteer…

There are valid artists such as some puppeteers but also a lot of people that are there only to make some noises. Altogether the atmosphere is vibrant, lively with music, colours and special effects and in every corner you can find the most variegated humanity.

I liked the main streets full of colours, with a lot of artists playing instruments, there were also people dressed with incredible costumes as well and the best part of it, which I liked a lot, was the Palazzo Pretorio. We have seen some interesting shows in its courtyard. The market along the wall is nice too even I wouldn’t buy a single piece. I think also that a lot of people like this chaos, it was so crowded!
A now few notes about the people: two nice and skinny girls asked us where the cemetery was to put their tent (!), a very happy couple kissing each other completely careless of the chasm behind them (…), a young Rasta mummy who breast feed her child, a fat fakir who played with fire, broken glasses and snakes…people everywhere with objects, instruments, flags who tried to do something and raise some money.
The ticket is not cheap: Thursday at € 7,50, Saturday/Sunday € 15,00, considering that if you go up there you eat something, a glass of wine…well maybe it is worthy to go only once in a lifetime.

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