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Swimming and shopping inTuscany, near Barberino

A Saturday at Bilancino lake: Bagno Maria
As an alternative to the sea and the beach a friend of mine, Ylenia, asked me to go with her to the lake of Bilancino which is quite near Barberino del Mugello.
Few years ago I went to the Bahia, this time, we opted for another side of the lake and we tried the famous Bagno Maria, and in fact it is nicer than some time ago: they did a very nice beach with little stones and they put this "beach" at the same level of the lake, then they added chairs and umbrellas (200!), tables, the bar, the WC, the sofas and evertyhing for the the rent of canoe and kayak and pedalo. A part of chairs and umbrellas are on the beach and the other part on a very nice green field.
Prices are very honest: 10 euros for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella

The bagno Maria manager is a very funny man with an inclination for women and either his son, a very funny and easy athmosphere...snobism does not live there.

But the most folkloristic character was the life guard: a very nice guy with a perfect body, long rasta grey hair that, between a chair and an umbrella, he played with his little daughter in the water of the lake. A very unusual but very sweet scene to see.

We sat near the shore and the little breeze was very good on us after the hot past week. Sometimes we plunged in the water and it was so good with the little stones and no mud. There were also some fishes swimming around us.
For lunch we went under the patio to eat a very good cold spelt with tuna, swrimps and pesto (€ 6,50, not bad after all) and in the afternoon we tried also the pedalo. It was so strange being in the middle of the lake that you could hear the very loud music from the Bahia!

Bagno Maria is more tranquil, for couples, families or simply for friends who want to relax with soft music, like I did. I took my little nap under the sun and infact I was burning at my awake!
I think that it could be nice for the entire area if more café or bath areas born on the lake: some of them are for a more informal, loud young people target, others are more easy going and relaxing. I am always happy to find out valid alternatives to the sea.
And after the sunset...we went on searching the famous tortelli made in Mugello, of course!

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