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Back from the south of Italy

My holiday week has finished. Yesterday I have come back from the South of Italy, exactly from Apulia.
It's the Region at the edge of the South East of Italy. It takes 8-9 hours to get there by car from Florence, but it's absolutely worth of it. My destination was Salento: the area at the end of Apulia.
Here in the picture you can see Gallipoli.
See on Google Maps.

The sea is as enchanting as the Caribbean sea, the food is excellent and people are friendly and welcoming. The charming landscape together with the variety of things to do, to see and to admire makes this place lovely.
I have been to:

- Ostuni, the "white city".

- Gallipoli on the Ionian sea. The meaning of the name - coming from ancient greek - "callis polis" means beautiful city. To walk in the narrow streets is relaxing and takes you back to the 50s when people in Italy used to seat in the street with kids and talk, laugh and smile to tourists.

- Lecce. The city is famous for its Baroque architecture.

I have swimmed in a pure cristalline water, I have eaten fish and mussels. And some typical food such as "frise" (you can see them in this picture): little pieces of bread with tomatoes and olives).

I have spent days relaxing and sunbathing on delightful beaches.

I really recommend you to spend some days there. It's not expensive and there is still a slow and peaceful rhythm of life.

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