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Tuscan museum open in the evening during August

18 Tuscan museum open their doors the entire month of August.
During the month of August, eighteen Tuscan museum will stay open during the evening. “Refresh your mind” is the name of the initiative in collaboration with the Regione Toscana. This is dedicated to a public who generally don’t visit museum and to tourists, elderly people, families who stay at home during the month of August. This is certainly a unique way to mix culture, well being and fun. These eighteen museums have been chosen based on a similar characteristic: good environment such as green areas, cool places and a good air conditioning system.

Florence: The museum of children in palazzo Vecchio, Innocenti museum, Strozzi palace, Stibbert museum and museum Horne.
Pistoia: Santa Barbara fortress; in Monsummano Terme, the city museum and the modern art museum.
Lucca: in Viareggio, the naval museum, Villa paolina and the modern art gallery
Siena: Santa maria della scala, in Chianciano, the archeological museum
Arezzo: in Cortona, the MAEC
Grosseto: in Vetulonia, the etruscan museum
Massa cararra: in Villafranca, the Lunigiana gerographical museum
Pisa: in Calci, the natual history museum
Prato the fabric museum

All very different but very cool. Three evenings, for example, will light up piazza SS Annunziata in Florence where there is the possibility to discover the Hospital of the Innocenti followed up by a taste of a home made ice cream: if the adults will enter historical courtyards the children will have the possibility to enter creativity labs. “The Renaissance al fresco” offers to hear the true story of Buontalenti, famous because he created hand made ice cream for the Granduchy court.

Instead in Pistoia, adults and children will visit a hidden jewel of this city, the Santa Barbara fortress where they can taste also some local delicatessen and drinks. Few kilometres after Pistoia there is a charming little town, Monsummano Terme where you can meet with Olympics athletes of the past or simply looking at the stars, with the sound of jazz and piano music.
Then in Viareggio in Villa Paolini, you will be in the 5000 BC where you will do yourself jewels and working the terracotta, then water and natural drinks will refresh your night!
Then again at the Stibbert Museum in Florence, natural and organic drinks will be the protagonists with ice cream …
And at least in Prato in the fabric museum you will see two exhibitions: the evolution of fabrics used in sports and ethnic collections. All of this is possible because of a new air conditioning system which will help the visitors in these particular hot days.

see also the post regarding Florence museums opening till late.

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