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Viareggio carnival

Viareggio Carnival is 135 years old and is doubtless the most famous carnivalesque event in Italy, and one of the most important of Europe, recalling hundreds of thousand visitors from all over the world. It takes plase in Viareggio, a nice city on the tuscan coast, not far from Lucca.
The huge floats, parading on February 8th, 15th, 22nd, 24th and on March 1st will include huge 1st category floats (20 meters high, 14 meters wide) weighing about 40 tons each, smaller 2nd category floats and masquerades and smaller floats.
Every masquerade will be composed of paper maché elements (about 3 meters high). The parade will also include folkloristic bands and performers from all over the world. The biggest floats will carry about 200 people in costume, who will dance and throw confetti and candies. Other people will be inside the floats to manoeuvre the weights, the counter-weights and levers that will make the puppets move.

Thanks for the picture to CIMG0115

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