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Trattoria I Ricchi

This is another review from the gourmet, Sabino.
He decided to follow some friends and to go back to restaurant I Ricchi in Cercina, only few miles from Florence on the beautiful Florentine hills. Please note that this restaurant has nothing to do with the “I RICCHI”, in Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence (ndr).

This restaurant is a very typical trattoria with an overlooking view on the Arno valley and the Santa Croce church. We started with an antipasto following the tradition, cut meats (ham and salami), Tuscan crostini and coccoli with stracchino cream cheese. The coccoli are something that you cannot miss if you come to Florence: only few restaurants got them. In short: it is a special pastry, like the one we use to do the bread and the pizza, fried in hot olive oil. Impossible to dislike!

A first dish with ravioli with butter and sage and then a typical fried dish: rabbit, chicken but above all fried brain, outstanding!, some side dishes and of course, the dessert, a very good cheese cake!
Wine: Solaia del 2000 and Romitorio di santedame 2000.
Appetizers and first dishes do not cost more than € 7, 00, the fried dish between 9-11 Euros and other second dishes about € 15, 00, such as the T-bone steak!

I RICCHI. Via Docciola, 14 - Sesto Fiorentino - Cercina - 055 402045

I've been here once during the summer: the terrace is fantastic for having a relaxing, open air dinner!

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