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BEAT , Aperitif in Pontedera

If you are in the Pisa area, you cannot miss an aperitif in the centre of Pontedera, a half medium sized town only 20 min from the more famous Pisa. Pontedera is known for the Piaggio industry (the metical Vespa motor scooter) and because it the birth place of Andrea Bocelli.

Saturday night I was in Pontedera just in time for an aperitif. The place, beat is managed by a DJ of Tenax, the famous Florentine alternative disco. You cannot miss this place. It is located in the main street of Pontedera and even if there are other similar places, from this BEAT you can hear serious disco music coming out the BEAT. Flou blue lights, nice people.

The buffet was we thought an aperitif is: few sauces, finger foods, vegetables, crudités, salt pies and fruit. In fact at 8,30pm everybody disappears and go out for dinner.

It is not as in Florence when the aperitif is a substitute of the dinner. The staff here is very nice and polite. Cocktail for € 7, 00 but they also have a selection of wine. I had a Pinot Gris from Friuli but I forgot to write down the name!


fashionknitsta said...

Hi, can you help me, I'm going to Florence on Tuesday, do you know of any reasonably priced restaurants? Also, where is the main shopping area and what are the main attractions? I'm also going to Pitti Filati as I'm a knitwear student.

Nelli said...

what would you like to eat?

if you are looking for an informal restaurant try "la Beppa": they serve great appetizers ("taglieri") with vegetables, ham, cheeses, and other delicious food. You can be full with one of them!

if you want to try tuscan food you can choose between:
1) Osteria Caffè Italiano: the best t-bone Steak
2) Antica Mescita
3) Zeb (actually it's not a restaurant but a place where you can buy food and eat there too).

The main shopping area for tourists is in the center of Florence: via Calzaiuoli, Ponte Vecchio, Via Por santa Maria.

If you are looking for shopping streets attended by florentines move to "via gioberti" (they call it the road of the 100 stores).
Or to "viale Europa" (take a bus or a taxi to get there, it's not in the center of Florence).

Attractions.. You must see:
- ponte Vecchio (the oldest bridge in Florence)
- piazzale Michelangelo (the best view in Florence)
- Duomo (the biggest church) + Giotto's tower (you can walk up to the top and admire the panorama)
- Santa Croce (another famous church)

Don't miss an aperitivo (in Italy we are used to have 1 cocktail with some finger food at 7.30-8.30 pm). You may try:
- Rifrullo (nice place)
- Kitsch (a lot of free food)
- O Cafe (elegant, but the view is gorgeous!)

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