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Nextech Festival, electronic music in Florence

music in Florence in septemberThe third edition of the Nextech Festival, dedicated to the world of electronic sound, will be held in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda, from September 18th to 20th, 2008.
The festival aims to document the broad spectrum of electronic sound for audiences interested in new musical trends and cutting edge experimentation, as well as 'beat' dance enthusiasts, who enjoy music as a source of entertainment.
For three days, the Nextech Festival will accompany participants from the aperitif hour right through to the early hours of the morning, combining various expressions of electronic music, in conjunction with the surrounding area, with the passage of time, as well as with different arts and techniques.
The venue for the festival is of particular interest: it is a 19th century railway station, which has been turned into an arts center. The imposing aisles of the Stazione Leopolda will be filled with the atmosphere of a big event, just like a party, where it will be possible to participate, to ‘play’ with the events, concerts, performances and layouts.
From 6.00 p.m. every day, the Nextech Festival will offer an exploratory itinerary through today’s wide variety of electronic music, from the rhythms of the dance floor to more advanced sound research, to music as an element of environmental architecture; providing recognition, within various expressive spheres, of an interdisciplinary and innovative proposal, amidst constantly alternating sounds ranging from vibrant techno beats to delicate minimal atmospheres.
The complete programme of the festival is avaliable on the Nextech Festival website: www.nextechfestival.com
Where: Stazione Leopolda - Viale Fratelli Rosselli 5 - Florence
Starting time: 6 p.m. until late night
The Nextech Festival will be organized by Musicus Concentus, Intooitiv, Stazione Leopolda Srl and Controradio, with the contribution of the Councilor’s Office for Culture of Florence as part of the FirenzEstate ’08 events.
For further information: Nextech Festival Ph.: +39 055 287347
Email: info@nextechfestival.com

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