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The VIVICITTA’ FIRENZE HALF MARATHON is listed in the official calendar of the Italian Athletics Federation. The race starts on SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2007 at 10.00 a.m. from Piazza Santa Croce (see the picture), in the heart of Florence.
The maximum time allowed to conclude the race is of 2 and a half hours. After such timetable the organization will not be able to close the roads to traffic.
Times will be measured with an electronic chip system which allows you to measure your real time. The chip must be carried during the race. NO CHIP, NO TIME! The chip charge of € 5 is included in the entry fee and will be returned after the race in the finish area. The chip use is personally reserved and it cannot be charged.

All finishers will get the official medal of the Vivicittà Firenze Half Marathon at the finish line.

Not Competitive run
At the same time a not competitive run of Km 10, will start in Piazza Santa Croce. The registration fee is € 5,00 (payable also on April 15, 2007).

TOMMASINO RUN - Mini-vivicittà for children
Sunday April 15 the second edition of "TOMMASINO the RUN", a kid race of 2 km dedicated to the children of the primary schools will also take place. The registrations are free and they can directly be carried out the morning of the race in Piazza Croce Square. Every kid will receive a gadget. The "mini-vivicittà" it is organized in collaboration with the Fondazione Tommasino Bacciotti for the study, the cure, the assistance and information on children cerebral tumors.

Entry fees
Registrations for: Until 24 march 2007 Until 13 april 2007
residents in Italy €15 + €5 bail chip €20 + €5 bail chip
residents in Europe €20 + €5 bail chip €25 + €5 bail chip
residents in European Countries $25 + $5 bail chip $30 + $5 bail chip
UISP affiliates €12 + €5 bail chip €18 + €5 bail chip
10 km not competitive run €5 €5

Registrations will close on APRIL 13, 2007 (at 7.00 p.m.) unless the limit of 3000 partecipants has been reached before that date. Partecipants can register by mail, fax or online to the following addresses:

UISP Firenze
Lega Atletica - c/o Delegazione Isolotto
Via Pio Fedi, 7 - 50142 Firenze - Italy
Tel. +39 0559060156 - Fax +39 055785305 - cell. +39 3337179966
e-mail: vivicitta@mediauisp.it

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