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Korea film fest in Florence

Today starts KOREA FILM FEST - Festival of Korean Cinema in Italy

The objective of the festival, other than cultural and institutional collaboration between Italy and Korea of course, is to promote Korea’s seductive cultural universe through the lens of the big screen, art expositions and other organized events.
From new releases to contemporary classics, the festival is one of a kind in Italy, it offers documentaries, short films, and full-length features.. And with their own help, retrospective looks of the principle directors of Korean cinematography.

The Festival, strengthened by a partnership with Samsung Electronics Italia, is now called ‘Samsung Korea Film Fest’. Its fifth edition will begin in Spring 2007. Since 2003 the Festival has been organized by the Associazione Culturale fiorentina Taegukgi – Exchange of Tuscan and Korean Cultures.

The festival is in the Stensen auditorium: Korea film fest - see the program>>
Auditorium Stensen - Via Don Minzoni, 25/c - 50132 - Firenze
Tel: 0577 980701 FAX: 0577 980701
E-mail: info@koreafilmfest.com

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