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Jazz music in Florence

If you like live music.. jazz music.. there's a little club in the center of Florence, where you can find good music and a nice atmosphere. It's not easy to find it, if you don't know where it is, since it lies in a very narrow "vicolo" (=street) of Florence. Not far from the Duomo, nor from santa Croce. To enter you have to pay a fee for a club card. But it costs only 5 euros..

PROGRAM 1st-30th of April 2007
Concerts start at 10.15 pm – members only
Promotion: member card valid till 31st of December for only 5 euros

Tuesday 3rd JAM SESSION BLUES + HOUSE BAND The Jam Session today has the colours of blues: it will start with STAY FREE BAND, led by one of the most important musician in Tuscany blues. Roberto Uggiosi: guitar and voice; Marco Polidori: bass; Luca Solini: drums..

Wednesday 4th SOUNDGOSPELTRAIN directed by Monica Masini with a rhythmic section's accompaniment. Made up by the best singers of the various sing and vocal technique classes of the school of music "SOUND", like the soloist Caterina Berti and Sabrina Galeotti, the group plays different kinds of songs, from Renaissance to Afro-American music, from gospel and spiritual to modern blues and jazz (with instrumental band).
Thursday 5th LUIZ LIMA Br-4. Luiz Lima: guitars; Claudio Carboni: saxs; Marco Cattarossi: bass; Ricardo Da Silva: percussions. Brazilian essential music, which joins tradition and contemporaneity, ethnic and jazz components; a new reading of Egberto Gismonti, Pixinguinha, Guinga, Paulo Bellinati and original songs of Luiz Lima, guitarist and composer born in the north-est of Brazil and moved to Italy in 1990. Precious arrangements and improvisation are the feature of this band.

Friday 6th Mc CHANTEE Bros in concert. Francesco Maccianti: piano; Paolo Maccianti: drums; Nicola Maccianti: saxs; Filippo Pedol: double bass; Filippo Lepri: trumpet and flug. An extraordinary quintet led by the famous pianist Francesco Maccianti playing latin jazz: original songs and re-elaborations of Henderson, Walton, Hubbard, Morgan etc.

Saturday 7th Cban music with PERFIDIA QUARTET. Francesco Birardi and Gianni Biondi: guitars and voice; Paolo Casu: congas, darbouka, percussions; “Sandrito” Garbey: trumpet. The band, whose name comes from a very famous 30s' bolero, works to restore the intense and full of pathos atmosphere of bolero, son and latino american music, especially of the traditional cuban music, from Compay Segundo to Buenavista Social Club.

Tuesday 10th JAM SESSION + HOUSE BAND. Tonight the most classical jazz with the house band. William Tatge: piano; Piero Spitilli: double bass; Bernardo Guerra: drums. But Jam Session is free and open to any kind of jazz…
Wednesday 11th METROPOLIS JAZZ QUINTET. Denise Lembo: voice; Marco Zini: tenor sax; Umberto Quattrone: guitar; Alessandro Berti: double bass; Enzo Marino: drums. Standard jazz, Italian and American evergreen songs, with a lot of space free for improvisation.

Thursday 12th Pizzica & Taranta Party” with TWO PISCES IN ALTOMARE. Gianfranco Narracci: voice and percussions; Enzo Mileo: guitar; Luca Imperatore: guitar; Massimo Ierimonti: percussions. Mediterranean folk.

Friday 13th SOUND POWER FUNK. Andrea Coppini: sax; Franco Baggiani: trumpet; Emanuele Fontana: piano and keyboards; Marco Cattarossi: bass; Cosimo Marchese: drums. An extraordinary explosive band with teachers of the music school “Sound” of Florence, led by Andrea Coppini, who plays rock songs arranged in funky style.
Saturday 14th SIX DIXIERS. Alberto Guerrini: clarinet; Mirko Rabitti: trumpet; Nerio Bianchi: trombone; Enzo Bonfiglio: banjo; Francesco Lorenzini: bass; Giole Camellini: drums. The band plays both classical dixieland songs of 20s and 30s and songs of the smaller bands playing in those years. In the repertory songs like Sweet Georgia Brown , All of Me , Basin Street Blues , Fire chief Rag , and Italian songs like Pippo Pippo , Mille lire al mese , etc.

Tuesday 17th JAM SESSION + HOUSE BAND. Tonight jazz-funk, with the House Band made up of Francesco Cherubini: drums; Leonardo Volo: piano, Milko Ambrogini: bass. But Jam Session is free and open to any kind of jazz…

Wednesday 18th ALBERTO FERRARESE QUINTET. Alberto Ferrarese: voice; Maurizio Forti: sint guitar; Damiano Niccolini: sax; Lorenzo Forti: bass; Piero Barbetti: drums. From his huge repertory, that he plays with ability and warmth, Alberto Ferrarese, one of the most important jazz singer in Florence, presents an anthology which goes from 30s to 60s.

Thursday 19th SUNRISE JAZZ ORCHESTRA conducted by Stefano Rapicavoli. One of the first jazz orchestra in Tuscany, born in 1994, which already played with big artists as Ed Neumeister, Marco Tamburini, Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, Gianluigi Trovesi, Pietro Tonolo, Rudy Migliardi, Stefano Bollani, Roy Paci. From 2002 also the extraordinary Canadian singer Maria Loscrebo is part of the orchestra.

Friday 20th ALEX GONFIANTINI BLUES BAND. Alex Gonfiantini: voice and guitar; Carlo Bonamico: bass; Antonio Masoni: keyboards; Cosimo Marchese: drums. An only nineteen years old talent makes his debut at Jazz Club. When he was only sixteen he was on the stage of Pistoia Blues, at 17 he opend the second night at Turrita blues, at eighteen he played at Bordighera Jazz & Blues. Keep an eye on him!
Saturday 21st From 21 p.m. Fiesta espaƱola with GIGI CARDIGLIANO GROUP. Gigi Cardigliano: guitar, voice; Domingo: guitar; Gaia and Daniela: flamenco dance. Flamenco, paella and sangria.

Tuesday 24th JAM SESSION + HOUSE BAND. Tonigh latin jazz, with the House Band with Marco Pezzola: piano; Carlo Bonamico: bass; Pepe Bonanno: drums. But Jam Session is free and open to any kind of jazz…

Wednesday 25th BARBUTO in “Sabor particular”. Pablo Marini: guitar; Francesco Notarbartolo: bass; Lorenzo Nardi : drums; Lisandro Cancellieri: congas, bongos. A repertory of Caribbean music, mostly Cuban music: from the classics of son, rumba and bolero by Compay Segundo, Arsenio Rodriguez, Perez Prado to the songs of more recent authors as Poncho Sanchez and Marc Ribot, all under the influence of blues, funk and rock, to obtain a really particular and sweeping sound.

Friday 27th MICHELA LOMBARDI + SANTARNECCHI – VERNUCCIO -MARCHESE TRIO. Michela Lombardi: voice; Franco Santarnecchi: piano; Nicola Vernuccio: double bass; Cosimo Marchese: drums. One of the best young singer in Italian jazz, with very good vocal qualities and expressive intensity.

Saturday 28th "COAT AND CAMEL". Leonardo Boni and Roberto Uggiosi: guitars and voices. With their mostly acoustic repertory across cotton plantations, railways and shanty towns of the south of the USA, beginning with 20s. A new ironic reading of ragtime and blues-swing songs by artists as Sam Chatmon, Sonny Terry, Browie McGee etc.; all the love for this kind of music in their version of more recent authors' songs, such as John Fogarty and Lennon-McCartney.

Infoline and reservations: Vincenzo Ricchi, 3316477097; after 9 pm, 0552479700
Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3 - Firenze
tel. 055-2479700 / 331 6477097
open from 9 pm to late night, concerts from Tuesday to Saturday – closed on Sunday and Monday every Tuesday JAM SESSION + HOUSE BAND


uncle wiggly said...

We just returned from Florence and saw a group on the street, that I gather from Youtube clips may be something of a staple of Florence street music. It features a heavyset guy on Hungarian hammered dulcimer with a bass and accordion player. We were hoping to get by that street again and buy CD's but did not. From this sketchy information can anyone tell me the group or how to locate their wares. They had 2 CD's and a DVD for sale. Thanks. Response to ppage@stcl.edu preferred.

Nelli said...

I don't know the band you are talking about. Do you remember where you saw them?

or find some more info about the name..

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