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Study abroad in Florence

I've just received an invitation from SUF (Syracuse University in Florence):
Week of the South: a concert, lecture and film to help explore cultural exchange and integration in the 21st Century. The “Week of the South” is dedicated to the “World’s South;” in particular, Africa. The themes of this event will vary, yet they all pertain to a wider global vision of Italian culture and the crucial position of Italy for the future of Mediterranean relations. Highlights of the week’s events include a lecture by Pap Khouma from Senegal (wednesday, 28 march). A group of African musicians will perform during the week (monday, 26 march), and finally a film about immigration (thursday, 29 march): "Dirty Pretty things" by Stephen Frears (2002). English language, no subtitles.

studying in FlorenceThe Syracuse campus is located just beyond the Florence city center in Piazza Savonarola, a small, park-like public square where neighborhood residents often come to read, walk their dogs, and let their children play. It is just over a ten-minute walk to the city’s historic center. Syracuse University in Florence has 5 academic and administrative buildings all within a five-minute walk of each other. The Villa Rossa overlooks a beautiful European-style garden which connects to the campus library.

university for foreigners in FlorenceThe garden is a beloved component of the SUF campus. This 1,800-square-meter space provides a peaceful retreat where students can study and read, access the wireless connection from their laptops, or simply relax over a cappuccino with friends.

I have been there once, for a party, and I was amazed to discover one of the most loveable place in Florence. I really envied the U.S. students there..!

study in Florence, ItalyThe academic programs include: Architecture, Art History/Fine Arts, Humanities, Italian Language, Studio Arts... in Florence you can study Sculpture and Early Renaissance Art, Late Medieval to Renaissance Painting & Sculpture, Medieval to Renaissance Art & Architecture, Italian Renaissance Art, Renaissance Architecture & Italian Urbanism, Baroque Art & Architecture, but also Architecture, Metalsmithing, Digital Photography...

The Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Business offers students an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of many aspects of Italian and European society. A wide variety of courses are taught, awarding credits in numerous disciplines from anthropology to political science, from literature to business studies, and from history to sociology and religious studies.

learning italianSUF offers over 60 different internship opportunities with academic credit. Internships in local municipal organizations, museums, libraries, academic institutions and social services are available to eligible students.
Many students have done their internship in Firenze.net, the local portal about Florence.
For more information about the Syracuse University in Florence>>

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