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Campanile di Giotto

view of florenceA friend of mine has recently reached the top of Campanile di Giotto, the bell tower near the Duomo of Florence. You can walk up the stairs (444 steps!) to see the wonderful panorama of Florence. It could be tiring to climb up the stairs since it's very narrow and dark, but it's worth it.

campanile giottoWork on Giotto's Campanile, regarded as the finest in Italy, started in 1334. After the artist's death in 1337, Andrea Pisano took over supervision and the campanile was completed by Francesco Talenti in 1359. The square bell tower, 84.70 metres high, is the finest example of Florentine Gothic architecture of the 14th century and its well-proportioned design combines vertical movement with horizontal firmness. It has angular supports reaching up to the horizontal projecting cornice and is completely covered with bands of green, white and pink inlay.

Piazza del Duomo - Firenze
Opening hours: winter 9.00 a.m- 4.20 p.m; Summer 9.00 a.m- 6.50 p.m
Price: 6,00 €
the pictures are of my friend Baba, you can read her post (in italian) here

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