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Home made Chocolate Fair in Florence: 8-17 February, 2013

“FI.nally Chocolate!” is a don't miss event for gourmet: 10 days of refined tastings, delicacies prepared by renowned international maitres chocolatiers, cultural events and a lot of fun. 
This chocolate fair will take place in Florence from the 8th to the 17th of February, in the enchanting Piazza Santa Maria Novella, close to the main railway Station. 
The 9th edition of the Home made Chocolate Fair will be hosting 40 exhibitors that will show the amazing variety of chocolate making. Maitres chocolatiers coming from all over Europe will show their best products, the result of tradition and experience. Beyond the refined tastings this fair will also have some important cultural events:
  • “Chocolate Classes”, where the Maitres chocolatiers will tell good stories about this product, 
  • lessons “Cooking with chocolate”, where the guests will learn how to cook using this precious spice. 
  • program for kids: a “Chocolate Hunting” full of riddles with an itinerary through the streets and shops of Florence, between Piazza della Republica and Piazza Santa Maria Novella. 
Free entrance to the fair. 


Pitti Uomo 83: the major trends in man fashion industry

This morning in Florence has started Pitti Immagine Fashion Far: the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections. What’s going on at Pitti Uomo 83? What are the major trends of the coming Pitti Uomo fair? According to Antonio Cristaudo, Pitti Immagine’s marketing and development manager, there are 3 major trends. 
  1. The first one is associated with contemporary craft. If, until now, craft production was associated with quality but not with style, from now on, the focus is going to be on top-quality craft products with high design and style content. The power of this trend will we be evident throughout Pitti Uomo.
  2. The second major trend, probably the newest and most important one of Pitti Uomo 83, is the revival of heavy-weight fabrics, even felt, and, consequently, the iconic pieces of British-style men’s wardrobe, from the duffel coat to the loden coat, in a contemporary version, of course. 
  3. The third trend consists of very technical, ultra-light and high-performance garments. There is also a comeback of sweatshirts. Relegated to sportswear and homewear in the past few years, sweatshirts will be replacing sweaters in the next winter season. 
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