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Frank Doorhof workshop in Florence

Frank invites all levels to join in on the seminar and workshop, as you’ll find yourself walking away with newfound knowledge in the following areas, location work, metering, light shaping, lighting tools, white balance, photoshop retouching and web display. This isn't one of those stuffy seminar/workshops where someone walks in, explains things quickly, without interuption, walks out the door and that's it..

November 13th (max 50 seats) Florence
The theory behind the workshops :
"To see the light is to understand the light, but to understand the light you have to see the light"

This is an intense seminar which will start with the very basics of how light works. Don't be fooled however with this description. In the years I've taught workshops I found out that most photographers are very aware of how to measure lights and setup their preference. However I also found out that very few really understand what they are doing, thus limiting themselves in being really creative with their light.

In this 2 hour seminar we start out simple by explaining the different ways light behaves and you will learn to "read" images and understand what light sources were used to create an image but most of all where they were positioned. But that's just the first 10 minutes. After that the level will increase considerably. There is a lot of attention given to understanding how you can manipulate but most of all measure light to make the scene exactly as you have envisioned it. Meaning you will learn to read and understand your lightmeter. You will learn how to use reflective metering to calculate the perfect white and black background and how to fit the whole scene within the dynamic range of your camera. After that there is a section about understanding color and how to manipulate them. Always wanted to know how to make the skies nice and saturated without using photoshop. Learn how to manipulate those colors on the spot and in camera. Always wanted to know how to make beautiful golden hour light falling through a window, or magenta skies without the use of selections in photoshop. You will learn to understand how it works in this section.

You will also learn how to work with colorcheckers, coloranalyzers and most of all how to calibrate your lightmeter so that it works flawless on your camera. After the theory there will be a part where several images are shown using the techniques learned in the previous part accompanied by explanations about the setups. After the seminar there is room for discussions and a personal touch. The whole seminar is not about tricks, you can learn that everywhere online.This seminar is about understanding how the system works and really knowing how to use it in your own photography. The seminar is not for beginners or pros only, every photographer should find something in here that is more than worth the admittance fee.

November 14th (max 15 students) exotic location in Tuscany
Putting it all into practice "Why fake it when you can create it"

Learn how to make a stunning location look even better or use the studio to the max. In this workshop you will be taught how you can use the theory from the seminar on location and in the studio. Learn how to use just enough flash to make a stunning atmospheric fashion shot as you see in so many magazines. See how to shoot it in camera without having to "paint with light" afterwards.

Frank Doorhof is an experienced fashion and glamour photographer with a broad experience in both studio and location. His workshops are highly regarded in both the Netherlands as abroad.
His work can be seen in several publications and for example on CD's/DVD's and posters from the world famous pianist Wibi Soerjadi since 2004. 


Best new year party in Florence, Italy

If you are looking for New year's dinners in Florence or where to celebrate New Year 2011 here is the place for you: Palazzo Gaddi! In the heart of Florence, close to Michelangelo's David and Pontevecchio, the coolest party in a historic palace.
  • From 8.30 pm, gala dinner served by waiters at the table, in the elegant halls of the historic Florentine building, including candles, well served tables and romance.
  •  At midnight: countdown and toast with sparkling wine to celebrate the New Year together.
  • After midnight dance all night long with DJ and live music.
Open bar until closing! unlimited drinks. Drink as much as you can...

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