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Art exhibition in Florence

Friday 1 October 2010 opening of "Fragments of silence".
"Fragments of silence" will be music, played by piano by Lorenzo Pinto who has conceived, written and recorded, but will also photograph in the exhibition themes of Francesca Mondani and Marco Mantovani. The event starts at 7.30 pm and there will be a small buffet.
Galleria Civico 69/art cafè
Via Ghibellina 69/r
50122 Firenze


Exhibition reception party

Come and join us for the exhibition reception party this Saturday!
Exhibition reception party: Saturday, September 11th at 5pm

You will not only see Giovanni Mazzi’s works, but also meet the artist in person and spend nice time together, drinking Chianti in the beautiful tuscan landscape in the villa not far from the Center of Florence

Giovannni Mazzi is the respected florentine artist specializing in etching, he uses figurative way of expression. He is interested in philosophy and metaphysics. The main topics of his art are universal condition of human being, individual's position in modern society and endless pursuitness of happiness in life.
Giovanni was born with the affection to art. When he was 7 years old, he copied the greatest masters and later started developing his own style. He attended courses in comics and illustrations at the International School of Comics, studied free nude ( la scuola libera del nudo ) at Academy of Fine Arts and also he graduated graphic art at Academy of Florence.
In 2003 Giovanni founded with musician group called Il caffè degli zeri, where he experimented with different forms of expressions, combining paintings and graphic works with music.
In 2008 the artist founded a group called “le maleerbe” , which did plenty of installations and exhibitions.
Giovanni's mission as an artist is to have a dialog with people and definately he manages to move. The artist impacts viewers by making them forget for the moment about their perspective and contemplate about the relation of good and bad side of man's soul. As the result people ask questions, express their concerns and compare them with Giovanni's and in this way the chain of communication emerges between the artist and the viewers through the Art. And this is Giovanni Mazzi's mission and sense of doing what he is doing.
Stylistically his paintings and graphics are very much affected by the symbolism of ancient and contemporary philosophy, which suit the best in expression of concerns of the artist, which belong to the problems and concerns of the contemporary people.
He says "the art must be inconvenient, the art is ethic" .

Giovanni Mazzi has had many exhibitions in various cities in Italy between 2001 and 2010, among them 'Faust' and 'I fantasmi di Scano Boa' in caffè Giubbe Rosse in 2009 (in colaboration with other italian artists) in Florence. Presently he is working on the organization of the big exposition in New York, willing to show his works also to the global audience. He promises to show there some of his projects that is working on right now. One of them is a creation inspired by the the ancient story of Orfeo and Eurydica.

In Scandicci, there are works presented from last two years of this young and talented artist. It is an opportunity to meet Giovanni Mazzi in person and after seeing his paintings talk to him and ask him questions that he is so happy to get from people, and last but not least spend nice time drinking Chianti in the beautiful tuscan landscape in the villa not far from the Center of Florence.

Adress: Via di Rinaldi 8
50018 Rinaldi Scandicci
(10 km from Florence)

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