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Gustacard: have a 30% discount for restaurants in Florence and Tuscany

I would like to talk about a smart way to save your money here in Florence when dining out: it is called Gustacard, basically a card which offers a 30% discount (in affiliated restaurants) not only to the card holder but also to the people who sit at the table with him. 
Gustacard is a 12-month valid card and costs €35. It has no usage restrictions: it can be used more than once a day, without limits on the food you order: the discount will be applied, in fact, on all à la carte menus. Holders can choose within a large (and constantly increasing) number of restaurants, located in both the provinces of Florence and Arezzo. 
 If you want to experience yourself the advantages of this service, you can ask for a free trial card directly on the website (it will be delivered home). The free card is valid for one meal with the same modalities of the annual one, that is 30% discount for card holders plus the people dining with them. I do really think this is an interesting opportunity: let's say a four-member family eats out once a week. With just one card (€35 per year) all the family members get a discount each time. That means the family can save €1000+ per year dining in mid-low price range restaurants. 

Scents of Boboli: from 17th to 20th of May

Sixth edition of the exhibition / commercial trade of fragrances and accessories
The monumental Boboli Garden hosts from 17th to 20th of May 2012, the sixth edition of The Scents of Boboli, exhibition / commercial itinerary of the prestigious documents of artistic tradition related to the botanical universe. A showcase of approximately 25 selected producers, and often little known, of perfumes, soaps, candles, scent-environments, essential oils, cosmetics, extracts from herbs, spices, flowers and fragrant plants, fabrics, prints, garden furniture, accessories and decorative objects. In 400 years, including ​​this year, history of the Royal Gardens of Boboli this is the only event in which it is possible not only to present, but to sell selected laboratory products. Regular guests and new entries.
From the hills of Tuscany: an exclusive line of beauty with extra virgin organic olive oil Toscano IGP. The richness of formula, specially designed to maintain the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, makes this precious recipe a real sensorial and olfactory experience reserved for the public of the scent of Boboli.
Lino, water of marine lily and anemone are the components of the elite fragrance of a line of natural niche soap, has always been on show at Boboli.The colors and fragrances of Provence in a bouquet made ​​from essential oils of exceptional purity, natural cosmetic anti-aging rich in Aloe Vera, herbs and enzymes, and yet herbal tea and medicinal herbs result of the art centenary whose secrets were enriched and passed on until today and to the fascinates of perfume Maestra Profumiera’s wisdom with sweet notes fragrances elite, that blend well with the atmosphere of a garden unique in the world!
The last editions have also highlighted the sectioned aspect of the event: a profitable dialogue between producer, distributor and user, structured coordination between supply and demand.
Special event 2012: the Museum of Natural History, Zoology section, La Specola, pay host to Giuliano Ghelli, from 20th of May to 30th of June 2012, with “I racconti alla luna”.
The program of the event is divided into three and a half days (from early afternoon on Thursday, 17th of May to Sunday, 20th of May, 2012) with schedule from 10.00 to 20.00 (last entry in the Boboli Gardens from Annalena 19.00).The entrance to the Boboli Gardens is free for the residents of the City of Florence (with presentation of ID). Entry into the Boboli Gardens for non-residents: € 6.00 the entrance to the Boboli Gardens in addition to the access to the event Scents of Boboli, allows a visit to the Boboli Gardens, to the Museo degli Argenti, the Porcelain Museum, the Costume Gallery in the Pitti Palace and to the Bardini Garden.


Flower exhibition in Florence

I've finally found some time to publish those beautiful pictures of the 2012 Flowers exposition here in florence at the Giardino dell'Orticultura.
I've been there in two different days: the 25th of April along with a great number of people, and the following Sunday with the rain and obviously less people.
I really can't decide which one of my two visits to the exibition I've enjoyed the most. But I can tell you that those colors and perfumes were really marvellous.
Alongside with the flowers there wera also those beautiful pictures made by a little factory in Pistoia.
On the 25th there were also an italian VIP. I have to apologize with my reader, who would have liked me to interview him for the blog, but really I did not want to do it! I spend all my free time blogging and working so for a day I just wanted to relax and walk. I hope that he's not too mad at me for the refusal of his invitation. But I also noticed that he was surrounded by journalist and televisions, so I preferred to focus my attention to this..

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