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Florence and Wine Town 2012

Here we are! Tomorrow the great wine event "Wine Town" will start: several historical buildings will open their courts for 2 days. People can enter to taste some of the best wines in Tuscany and Italy.
Besides the tasting there will be live music, events for Kids, art and many interesting events (Theather, Dance, Chocolate Awards). 
How does it works? you can buy a winecard for 15 euros: you will receive a glass and 5 points that give you the possibility to try 5 different wines. When you finish the "points" you can charge again your card.
For more info: http://www.winetown.it
Friday: September, the 21st from 3.00 pm to 11 pm
Saturday: September, the 22nd from 3.00 pm to 11 pm
This is the map with the 3 areas and places where to go:


Vogue Fashion Night in Florence!

Yesterday I have been to VFNO: Vogue Fashion Night Out. After Milan and Rome, even Florence had its opportunity to celebrate the fashion world for a night: stores open until 11 pm, events, dj sets and exhibitions in the center of Florence.
I saw many girls with their high heels wandering from a place to another. For once it seemed to me like it was New Year's Eve. Streets were crowdy and you could hear music everywhere. 
Here are some Patrizia Pepe fans in queue in front of the store.
Even if I didn't buy anything it was fun to be there dressed up with my Scervino bag and Ferragamo shoes, and enjoy the atmosphere. And to watch the looks of other girls walking in via Tornabuoni.



Autumn in Florence - food festival in 4 star hotel in Florence

From Thursday 20 September to Saturday 13 October at Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence there will be this special food event.  Fried, grilled or sautéed porcini mushrooms; Caesar’s mushroom salad; verdino and dottato figs; Italia, strawberry and globe grapes. These are just some of the products accompanying the classic Florentine steak, duck, wild boar or pappardelle. A festival for rediscovering traditional flavours and recipes, and experimenting with the sometimes bold combinations of chef Sandro Pedica. Traditional dishes: salame (sausage) and figs, pappardelle with porcini mushrooms, Mugellan potato ravioli with wild boar ragout, charcoal-grilled Florentine T-bone steak with grilled porcini mushrooms. Creative interpretations: porcini mushroom cheese cake, verdino fig muffins with Tuscan ham, porcini mushroom cappuccino with poppy seed puff pastry for dipping. All of this "seasoned" with a view of Alberti’s facade for the Church of Santa Maria Novella and the whole square. 
In addition to a generous menu of 27 dishes to choose from, Autumn on the Table offers: 
Promo-Dinner: 2 courses to choose from for € 29.50, including mineral water and coffee, excluding wine. 
Promo-Dinner: 3 courses to choose from for € 39.50, including mineral water and coffee, excluding wine.

All hotel customers who book a table with their receptionist are granted a 10% discount. Please note that those who book their stay at the hotel through its official website (www.grandhotelminerva.com) are entitled to a bonus equivalent to 10% of the value of the reserved room, which can be used for dining facilities, including a dinner at our Food Festival. 
For example, if your room costs 100.00 Euro per night, 10 Euro per day can be used at the hotel bar and restaurant. 

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