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What's on in Florence

Ballet for the Meyer children hospital
This is not a simple ballet but a declaration of love and poetry showing the life of Flora Wiechmann Savioli and his beloved husband Leonardo.
Mrs Wiechman Savioli will attend the ballet which wants to celebrate the love story with his husband but also the fact that Mrs Savioli left all her archive to the Tuscan region, see also http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa-studio_Savioli . Her husband, Leonardo Savioli, was a very famous architect (the house in Via Piagentina, for example) and Flora too is a famous artist as we can still see some of her major works exposed in the Modern art gallery and costume of Palazzo Pitti.
The ticket costs only 10 euro and all the proceeds goes to the Mayer children hospital of Florence. The ballet will be in the beautiful baroque style theater Goldoni in via dei Serragli. The ballet is composed by music from the Vivaldi’s Four Season with the choreography of Keith Ferrone for the Florence Dance Company.

Terra Futura

From May 29th until May 31st at the Fortezza da Basso there is TERRA FUTURA. This is an entire week end dedicated to green buildings, human rights, volunteer jobs, communication and much more such as family’s projects, non conventional medicines, and responsible tourism. Free entrance, every day until 8pm, on Saturday until 10pm. You can find more info here: http://www.terrafutura.it/


psaico said...

hello. can you tell me some clubs in Florence and their website ?

thank you


Nelli said...

Here are some of the best clubs in Florence:


Boston T




Terrazza Bardini - Tina

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