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Opening party at Bardini Terrace

Last night I went to an opening party of the American Bar “TINA” by MOBA, at the Bardini Terrace, together with a couple of friends (the kind owners of a Boutique B&B in Florence). It was as beautiful as last year and it seems very promising. They have added some comfortable sofas at the ground floor, close to the restaurant, where I spent most of the night after my fancy high shoes started to hurt really bad (why didn’t I bring my new purple ballerinas that I bought from romanofirenze this afternoon???) . We had a really good time even though it came some raindrops, and there were a lot of people. I also bumped into some friends from Santo Bevitore and Santino (two restaurants in Florence), as always very pleasant to meet them.

Anyway from tonight ,if the weather allows it, they will be open:
Aperitif from 19 to 22
Light Dinner from 20 to 23.30
American bar – live music & dj set.
Open all days from 19.00, except for Mondays.

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