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Obika mozzarella bar

Obika is a new place in Florence in the fashion district. It is in the Tornabuoni palace on the homonymous street and you can choose from three different things: lunch, aperitif at the Mozzarella Obika bar or a dinner at the Osteria Tornabuoni.
Yesterday I tried the aperitif and it was worth to pay € 9, 00.
In the small courtyard of the palace the atmosphere is cosy and elegant, tranquil with soft music and a care environment. Different kind of food and all presented very well.
I had a cosmopolitan and it was the best I had so far.

You can find different kind of people, from the most stylish couple to the informal tourist who is reading a book while sipping a Mojito drink, business men or a table with girlfriends: a very nice place in the heart of Florence.
Aperitif: 9 euro
Lunch break: 10 Euros

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