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Florence Tango Festival 2008

The sixth edition of the Firenze Tango Festival will take place in one of the most important theatres of the city: Teatro Saschall, easy to reach and with big parking.
Lessons will take place at Saschall and in the theatre Otel, with wood floor, 5 minutes distance from Saschall.
The 6th edition of the Florence Tango Festival is scheduled for 24th through to 27th April 2008 and the venue is the Saschall Theatre with its 2,500 square metres of floor space. There’s therefore ample room and functional facilities for all coaching and dancing activities. Amenities include waiter table service in the evening, bar open throughout the milonga, dining at the theatre restaurant, and much more besides. That’s why thousands of tangueros who expect the highest quality standards in services and artistic performance, like ourselves, will be coming to the Festival. More room, greater comfort, great ambience, top performers and above all more milonga!

Key information on the 2008 Festival:
- 2,500 square metres of floor space for coaching and dancing
- more than 30 performers from Argentina and Europe
- theater shows
- performances every evening
- 2 orchestras
- traditional milonga with tandas y cortinas and live music
- “Tango Lounge” milonga dedicated to the selection of new tangos
- every-day workshops Tango, Milonga, Vals, Coreographie, Chacarera, Canyengue, Profigroups, technique for follower and leaders, "first steps" for absolute beginners ecc.
- photo and painting exhibitions

Costs Tangonights:
Thursday 24/4 Saschall Theatre
Milonga from 22.30 – 4.00 with dj Felix Picherna: 15 €
Friday 25/4 Saschall Theatre
Tangoshow with orchestra Hyperion in the theatre: 25 €
Milonga with livemusic (from 22.30) with performances of Tomas & Catalina, Ivano & Silvana; Tangolounge with Los Pelos Locos: 18 €
Theatreshow + Milonganight: 35 €
Saturday 26/4 Saschall Theatre
Tangoball with performance of all teachers; Tangolounge with Los Pelos Locos: 25 €
Sunday 29/4 Casa del popolo Grassina
Tangonight with performance of Alberto & Marta : 12 €
see also Florence Tango Festival 2007

In the picture above see Alejandra Hobert & Adrian Veredice, one of the most charismatic dancing couples from the new generation of Argentinean dancers.e,
And tomorrow morning everybody at Santa Croce square for the Vivicittà Florence half Marathon!


Tintin, Ze quick et Papa Antuna... said...

Hello, thanks a lot for all these great infos about the "Tango" festival, i'll be there for the week end as a photographer and will be truly happy to offer you a few pictures for your blog... and yourself.
sincerely, Manu Antuna

Nelli said...

if you take some pictures please tell me, I would love to see them.

enjoy the Tango fair!

Nelli said...

here is the program of Florence Tango festival 2009

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