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Firenze Tango Festival

The fifth edition of the Firenze Tango Festival will take place in one of the most important theatres of the city: Teatro Saschall, easy to reach and with big parking.
Lessons will take place at Saschall and in the theatre Otel, with wood floor, 5 minutes distance from Saschall.
International guests, workshops with 6 different teachers, Shows and Tango nights with live music, 2 dancingfloors, tango theatre performances, tango foto exhibitions, tango shoes ecc..
Here's the program of Florence Tango Festival 2007:

Friday 27/4/2007
- 20.30 Big Tango Show at Teatro Saschall with: Ensemble Hyperion & Luis Stazo (Bandoneon)
Dancers: Andrea Missè & Javier Rodriguez, Andrea Reyero & Sebastian Missè, Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero, Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice
- From 22.30 to 4.00 circa: Milonga with live music HYPERION, DJ Supersabino
Milonga livemusic (from 22.30): 18 €
Tangoshow with orchestra Hyperion and 4 couples + Milonga with livemusic (from 20.30): 25 €

Saturday 28/4/2007
- From 13.00 to 20.00 workshops at Teatro Saschall and Ristotheater "Otel"
- 20.30 Show "Capitolo IX - Tango" with:
Orchestra Valetango
Singer: Mya Fracassini
Actor: Roberto Mazzi
Dancers: Laura Melo & Riccardo Barrios,
- From 22.30 to 4.00 circa Big Tango Ball with live music VALETANGO and DJ Felix Picherna
At the same time in the second floor of the theatre: "Tangolounge, alternative milonga" with DJ Supersabino
- 1.00 circa Teachers Show:
Andrea Missè & Javier Rodriguez, Andrea Reyero & Sebastian Missè, Laura Melo & Riccardo Barrios, Dana Frigoli & Pablo Villaraza, Veronique Bouscasse & Thierry Le Cocq
Tangoball with performance of teachers: 25 €
Tangoball with performance of teachers and show "Capitolo IX": 35 €

Sunday 29/4/2007
- From 13.00 to 20.00 lessons at Teatro Saschall and Ristotheater "Otel"
- From 22.00 to 3.00 circa: Big Milonga with DJ Felix Picherna
At the same time in the second floor of the theatre: "Tangolounge, alternative milonga"
- 24.00 circa Teachers Show and folklore show:
Laura Melo & Ricardo Barrios, Augustina Videla & Claudio Asprea, Silvana Torres & Ivan Alvarez
Tangonight with performance of teachers: 18 €

Monday 30/4/2007
- Workshops at Ristotheater "Otel"
- From 22.00 to 3.00 circa Milonga at Circolo "Grassina" with DJ Giovanni Carta & Federico Thei
Tangonight: 10 €

Tuesday 1/5/2007
- Workshops at Ristotheater "Otel"
- From 18.00 to 1.00 circa Milonga at Circolo Andreoni, Via A. D'Orso 8 (FI)
Milonga de despedida: 5 €
Full tangonightspackage (including milongas of friday with show, saturday with show, sunday, monday and tuesday): 70 €

Workshop program divided in levels

The tangonights will have place in Saschalltheatre. Only the milonga of monday will take place in Circolo Grassina and of tuesday will take place in Circolo Andreoni.

Lessons: Single lesson: 25 €
Special Packages: Small package: 3 lessons + 3 tangonights (friday with show, saturday with show and sunday): 130 €

Special lessons (tecnique for follwers and leaders; chacarera): Single lesson: 20 €
Package of 3 lesson: 45 € (including 3 technique lessons or 2 technique lessons and chacerera)
Free lessons for absolute beginners "first steps"
Wednesday 25 april at 17.00 at Tango Club in via Gemignani 1/a, Firenze (reservation is obliged at + 39 335 390 335 or by mail: segreteria@tangoclub.it)
Sunday 29 april at 20.30 Saschall-Theatre
Tuesday 1 may at 17.00 at Circolo Andreoni, v. Antonio D'Orso 8 , Firenze

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