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Gilda bistrot, near Santa Croce

Sometimes people ask me cheap places to eat in Florence, other times they ask me romantic spots for a dinner. Well, maybe this place could be fine. I have not been there, but a friend of mine has written this review. Enjoy!

Camilla, one of our reader, sent me another review. We are in Florence, this time, near piazza del Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio.
This restaurant is very unique. It’s called, Gilda Bistrot and it is in piazza Ghiberti 40-41/red (tel.0557234388). I have been there a month ago. This is a very charming place with a very accurate environment. The setting is a little bit vintage: we drink in very nice colorful glasses or refined with gold. The plates are all different and all very nice. Mrs. Gilda, the owner of the restaurant, is very nice and very professional, too. A very nice woman who has worked for a long time a in one of the most known Florentine restaurant then chose to open hers.

She created an old fashioned place that we immediately notice from the long bar table on the right hand side of the restaurant. The chef is a young guy from Puglia, but he knows a lot of our Tuscan cuisine that he finely mixes with some French. The restaurant is provided with a very good wine list: we can find wines from Italy and from abroad. The menu is also very accurate as William, Gilda’s son, handwrites it every day. You can taste some of the typical Tuscan dishes such as: tripe, peposo, fegatini (liver) with butter and sage and spelt soup. The desserts are all home made.

A note: the restaurant is very small and all the little tables are close to each other but on the basement floor there is a long table where it is possible to reserve for business dinners or intimate dinners at a candle light. The price is about € 25,00 but wine. In the summer the restaurant is provided with a dehors, even if there are few tables, but I highly recommend it. Gilda bistrot is closed on Sunday.

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