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Florence International Theatre presents...

In April at Teatro di Cestello, Florence, the work of one of England's or, to be more exact, one of the world's, most renowned living playwrights. In this semi-autobiographical play, the Florence International Theatre Company will explore the risks and depth of betrayal between spouses, lovers and friends. This production will star Aaron Craig, Andrea Giorgi, Alessandro Grisolini and Bari Hochwald.
Stephen Rothman, former Artistic Director of both the Pasadena Playhouse and Sacramento Theater Company in California, USA, and director of professional theatre for over 30 years, will bring his talents to the direction of this production. Sets and Lights will be designed by Trui Malten and Costumes by Florence clothing stylist Giorgio Vannini.

"Betrayal" tells the story of a classic love triangle, in which Emma betrays her husband, Robert, a publisher, by conducting a seven-year affair with his best friend, Jerry, a literary agent. The action moves backwards in time, beginning with the end of the affair and working remorselessly to the first stolen kiss.

To read their words:

In April at the Cestello, we will explore together the humanity of desire - the struggle and humor of unbearable moments - in this important work by a great writer. Stephen Rothman, who is coming to Florence in support of FITC, will bring his talents to the direction of this production. In Harold Pinter's "Betrayal" we find a meditation on the themes of marital infidelity, self-deception and love. A human drama which simply and deeply pulls us into the complex world we all engage in, Pinter takes us on a journey of comprehending the ecstasy and the pain of intimate relationships as well as the ability to both maintain and destroy them.

Theatre in English with Italian subtitles , FITC at Teatro Cestello, Piazza Cestello
April 3, 4, 5 - 9.00 pm
April 5 - 4.00 pm
Tickets: 13 euro full price, 11,50 euro presale 10 euro for students
Tickets available online. www.florencetheatre.com or
at The Paperback Exchange Bookstore via Delle Oche 4/R
Special Group rates offered including: Special FITC "Backstage Pass" for groups - exclusive after-show discussion with director, actors and designer
For Information, group sales and reservations:
info@florencetheatre.com or call 055 213 788

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