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Summer Limited traffic area (ZTL) in Florence

From April 3rd until October 31st 2008 there will be the Florence Summer night ZTL, like every year. Here below you can find all the details about it and please take particular attention because it is a little bit complicated.
Two ZTL (the so-called Cinderella one and the super ZTL):
-The “external” one closed for non-resident from midnight until 4am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Motor scooter and authorized can circulate.
-The “inside” one (Santa Croce, Via della Pergola, Via Ghibellina, via de’ Fossi, Piazza Ghiberti, Borgo la croce, Piazza dell’Unità and so on…) closed to all from 11pm to 4am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In other words all the above mentioned streets will be closed to traffic , even motor scooter, and the area will be only for pedestrian (people with a regular resident permission can enter by car). There will be no mobile signs but video camera in function.

There will be therefore a night "train": a gold and white little train with 60 seats running every 20 min. which connects the 4 parking (Parterre, Beccaria, Murate and Ghiberti) where the parking will cost only € 0,50 per hour. The train will run from Thursday to Saturday and it's completely FREE.
So be careful if you enter the historic city centre by car because the video camera will catch and fine the drivers who don't respect the ZTL.

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