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Mese Mediceo

Mese Mediceo is a special festival devoted to Medici Family. Cultural events, parties, dinners, exhibition from the 9th of June to th e27th of July, 2007.
This is the 5th edition and deals with several members of one of the most powerful families in the Italian history.

Lorenzo de’ Medici is the incarnation of Renaissance. He lived only 43 years but they were enough to sign his name within those who made the History of the World. Lorenzo built his reign by political skills, taking the best artists of the time under his patronage, being an extraordinary diplomat, and without declaring any war.

Magnifico Lorenzo” enters Lorenzo the Magnificent in a never-seen-before portrait.

It is a very peculiar show, starting from the absence of any kind of spoken language. Instead of words, communication is granted by other means: attitude, music and costumes, above all. A show that mixes slapstick, pantomime and burlesque in a unique Italian style, suitable for any language.

In an always changing kaleidoscope Lorenzo meets some characters that have marked the Renaissance era: Girolamo Savonarola, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc., as well as those who have a central role in his own biography: his mother Lucrezia Tornabuoni, his wife Clarice Orsini, his mistress Lucrezia Donati. A unique show to meet such a great prince in an extraordinary way.

for more info: www.mesemediceo.it

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