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Exhibition at Forte Belvedere

Forte di Belvedere, Florence, Italy
Via di San Leonardo

The exhibition “10X10, 10 Galleries 10 Artists” at the Strozzina - Palazzo Strozzi of 2006 marked the start of a collaborative project between the Winter in Florence Committee and the Tuscan delegation of the National Association of Contemporary Art Galleries. At the exhibition each gallery proposed a selection of significant works by its most representative artist. The event was enthusiastically received by critics and the public, and its success leads the organizers to repeat the experience by increasing the number of the participating galleries and artists.

This year, thanks to the reopening of the Forte di Belvedere by the Consorzio Firenze Albergo with the invaluable support of the Florence local authorities for culture, tourism, and productive activities, it has been possible to present “15x15, 15 Galleries 15 Artists”, a display of contemporary art in Florence through the eyes and works of 15 great masters.

This unique event in Florence brings together selected works of important Italian and international masters of modern art.
In virtue of the collaboration with ANARPE, the National Association of Representative Editorial Promoters Agents, students from some Florentine schools have the possibility to visit the exhibition with a special guide by Stefano Pezzato, responsible for the artistic and cultural aspects of the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci

4 April – 13 May
Open from Tuesday to Sunday

Entrance Free

Opening Hours: 2.30pm – 7.00pm

I recommend to go there to see the wonderful panorama of Florence.

Gallerie e Artisti
Arte del XX secolo Gualtiero Nativi
Alessandro Bagnai Gianni Dessì
Pier Giuseppe Carini Marco Bolognesi
Rosanna Tempestini Frizzi La Corte Arte Contemporanea Aroldo Marinai
Santo Ficara Gianni Asdrubali
Enrico Fornello Paolo Fabiani
Frittelli Arte Contemporanea Gianni Bertini
Giraldi Concetto Pozzati
Open Art Jiri Kolár
Susanna Orlando Marco Lodola
Poggiali e Forconi Luca Pignatelli
Il Ponte Giuseppe Spagnulo
Aurelio Stefanini Ladislav Novak
Tornabuoni Arte Bruno Ceccobelli
Daniele Ugolini Contemporary Stefano Di Stasio

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